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St. Anthony Hospital may want to hire a new ad agency…

There are two types of embarrassing.

There's "Regular Embarrassing." That would be, for example, pocket dialing a friend, taking your kid to a restaurant or having your chair break under your weight live on air while talking sports on the radio. That last one actually happened to Regular Jim Traber live on the radio yesterday.

jim traber fall down

I don't have too much room to talk, but maybe Regular Jim should go a little easy on the Mazzio's Pizza. At the very least, he can wrap it in a cheesecloth first and squeeze out all the grease.

The other type of embarrassing is "WTF Embarrassing." This is the one you never want to happen. Examples of this level of embarrassment include calling someone the wrong name in bed, being spotted at a Tulsa Shock game or shitting your pants at a bar.

On the topic of "WTF Embarrassing" and shitting your pants, check out this St. Anthony Bone and Joint Hospital billboard:


Yeah, don't let knee pain slow you down... in your elbow.

Seriously, WTF? I'm not a doctor or scientist or anything, but maybe it's time for the people in charge of St. Anthony's marketing department to have an ad agency review, take an anatomy class, or at the very least, learn the "Dem Bones" song. At last check, the knee bone isn't connected to the shoulder bone.

h/t Ogle Mole Network

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