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Check out the insensitive, crazy, borderline racist stuff this Oklahoma Sheriff puts on Facebook

12:46 PM EDT on June 24, 2015

Back in April, The Oklahoma Sheriff's Association launched a new public awareness campaign called "Your Sheriff." The campaign, which is an obvious attempt to restore the bad reputation of local sheriff departments, is essentially a series of YouTube videos where various sheriffs ramble about how awesome they are to the tune of royalty free Mumford and Sons ripoff music.

Here's a video featuring Beckham County Sheriff Scott Jay:

Serious question, how do you find music that bad? Is that what they play in our county jails? If so, does it constitute cruel and unusual punishment?

One part of Sheriff's Jay's monologue that really stuck out was this...

"I think in the climate across our nation right now that law enforcement is getting a pretty bad rap. We're the good guys. Not the bad guys. We wear the white hats. And it's all about keeping the people safe and serving the people of the county which I just love doing...

"It is an honor for me to be able to serve the people of this county. It is an honor for me to be one of 77 sheriffs across this state. This position bears a lot of responsibility. It bears a lot of authority. I want to be involved in my community."

That's nice. I like that attitude. It's good to see an officer of the peace having such high moral and ethical standards and doing what's right to combat the negative stereotypes facing our men and women in law enforcement.

That being said, if he's such a good white hat-wearing guy and aware that his job requires "a lot of responsibility," then why's he posting shit like this on his very public Facebook page?

00007backham count sheriff scott jay
00004backham count sheriff scott jay

Hehe. Isn't that funny? Mexicans are lazy, talk weird and are scared of the cops because they are all probably criminals! They also wear sombreros and have thick mustaches. Hysterical! I seriously can't stop laughing. Just like the emojis in Sheriff Jay's post, I'm literally crying.

I wonder if the Latinos in Beckham county feel the same way? According to the Census, 13% of the county's 23,691 residents are Hispanic or Latino. That's over 3,000 people. I'm sure they get a laugh out of the racist jokes and cultural appropriation told by the same man who's supposed to serve and protect them, just like how I'm sure all Beckham county whites and blacks get a laugh out of this post from June 12th...

00003backham count sheriff scott jay 1

Hehe. Get it? That's so clever.

In addition to making ROTFLMAO racist jokes and promoting degrading Mexican stereotypes, Sheriff Jay also has a strange fascination with Caitlyn Jenner:

00006backham count sheriff scott jay
00003backham count sheriff scott jay
00002backham count sheriff scott jay

As you know, I'm not a politically correct guy. I think everyone needs to lighten up when it comes to humor, jokes and attempted jokes. Just watch what Bill Maher had to say on the topic. I agree with him 95%.

But shouldn't we let comedians (and obscure bloggers) dabble in comedy and hold our elected officials, especially ones whose job and duty it is to keep the peace of all races and nationalities, to a higher standard? Should a sheriff really be making light of someone's race or personal struggle with gender identity in a public forum? The answer, in case you care, is "No." They should focus their energy on letting donor buddies pretend to be cops and accidentally shoot people or turn the county jail into a prison rape movie instead.

In case you care, Sheriff Jay posts more than just funny, racist, demeaning jokes on his Facebook page. About 90% of his stuff resembles the "Wall of Crazy" at Little Mike's Hamburgers. For example, he's a big proponent of over the top, excessive law enforcement:

00005backham count sheriff scott jay
00002backham count sheriff scott jay 1

Yep, he's really sticking up for the same cop who grabbed a gun and pulled a barrel roll while breaking up a pool party:

In addition to that, Sheriff Jay likes to demonize and stereotype the poor as lazy moochers. For a guy who's against stereotyping law enforcement officials, while ironically enough reinforcing those same stereotypes, that's kind of funny:

00004backham count sheriff scott jay 1
00001backham count sheriff scott jay

Yeah, it's great to be a poor, undocumented worker in a place where the local "Keeper or the Peace" openly mocks, stereotypes and belittles you. Those freeloaders get all the breaks!

Here's some more random crazy shit:

00006backham count sheriff scott jay 1 00005backham count sheriff scott jay 1 ] 00001backham count sheriff scott jay 1

Out of all the stuff this guy posted on Facebook, and trust me, there's lots of it, this may be the most startling:

scott jay essential oils

Yep, the people of Beckham County elected a former snake oil.... errrrr.... essential oils sales rep to be their sheriff. Maybe he got votes by giving away all the Scentsy candles still left in his garage?

Anyway, you can check out all the crazy insensitive right-wing shit on his Facebook Page. When you do, please remember...

"It is an honor for me to be able to serve the people of this county. It is an honor for me to be one of 77 sheriffs across this state. This position bears a lot of responsibility. It bears a lot of authority."

Terrifying, isn't it?

Thanks for reading!

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