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Here are some proud Oklahoma confederates…

As you know, the old Confederate flag "debate" flared up again after the tragic racially-motivated shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Since then, everyone from South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to Mitt Romney to even NASCAR has asked for the symbol of racism and treason to be removed from the South Carolina capitol, and retailers like Walmart, Sears and eBay have announced they will stop selling all Confederate merchandise.

With this discussion raging and the national media giving the issue its full attention, some local Confederate flag sympathizers gathered this past Saturday at NW 23rd and Broadway to show their solidarity and racism.

Via the Change Oklahoma Facebook Page:

confederate flag oklahoma

Note to self. If I ever organize a protest, do it in front of a liquor store. That would be convenient.

So... what a pic, huh? Let's tackle the obvious question first. Is that a black dude holding the flag and saluting some person at a red light?! I zoomed in with Photoshop to check. Here's what I saw...

oklahoma confederate flag

Uhm, maybe a better question is where's the other guy's head?! Did Ichabod Crane move to Oklahoma and become a racist? What the hell.

I'm going to go on a record and say it's a white dude holding a flag. I think the shadow caused by his cowboy hat threw off the lighting in the photo. Plus, other than this guy or this guy, what African-American would seriously support the Confederacy? That would be like a Jewish man joining a gang of skinheads. It wouldn't make any sense.

Anyway, I think it's great that South Carolina Governor Haley and others have called for the flag to be removed. As one whose ancestors fought for the South, I don't think a symbol of racism and treason should be flown on public grounds in the USA. That being said, if someone wants to wave the Confederate flag on a street corner, hang it in their bedroom, or put a stars and bars bumper sticker on their car, go for it. It's a free country. I'd rather you advertise and promote that you're a racist and proud of your southern heritage (that includes such hallmarks as slavery, going to war to protect slavery and the enacting of cruel Jim Crow laws) than have you try to keep it hidden. I'm not a big fan of secrets.

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