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Jim Inhofe is still an idiot (Part IV)

jim inhofe snowball

It's been awhile since we've updated our regular series "Jim Inhofe is still an idiot." It wasn't for lack of material or anything. Unfortunately, I am to "lazy" as Jim Inhofe is to "idiocy."

I thought we'd knock some dust off this series and take a look at the choice words Senator Inhofe recently had for Pope Francis. The Pigeon Sadist is apparently mad that Pope Francis listens to scientists, isn't controlled by corporate interests, and is actually concerned with the threat global warming is to humanity.

Via Huffington Post:

Jim Inhofe Says The Pope Shouldn't Talk About Climate Change

Longtime climate change skeptic Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said Thursday that Pope Francis should refrain from sharing his thoughts on the subject.

According to The Guardian, Inhofe made the comments while speaking at a climate change conference hosted by the Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank.

“Everyone is going to ride the pope now. Isn’t that wonderful,” said Inhofe, who chairs the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. “The pope ought to stay with his job, and we’ll stay with ours.”

Yeah, Mr. Pope! You stick with your job of being one of the best Popes ever and trying to preserve humanity for the greater good, and let Senator Inhofe stick with his job... which I guess is spending an entire career trying to paint global warming as an organized hoax perpetuated by the world's leading scientists. Screw the planet! It's overrated.

In January, Pope Francis told reporters he believes climate change is “mostly” caused by human activity.

"I don't know if it is the only cause, but mostly, in great part, it is man who has slapped nature in the face,” the pope said.

The senator, who authored a book called The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future, has long criticized scientists' findings on climate change. In February, Inhofe brought a snowball to the Senate floor to support his argument that climate change is not real.

Inhofe isn’t the only politician to argue the pope should stay quiet on the issue. Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who is Catholic, made a similar statement on a radio show earlier this month.

I'm not sure what makes Jim Inhofe a bigger idiot. Is it criticizing the Pope for being concerned with a real issue like global warming, or him agreeing with Rick Santorum or something? Has to be Santorum, right? Either way, Jim Inhofe is still an idiot.

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