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News 9’s Steve Shaw is looking for love on Tinder…

steve shaw

It's no secret that News 9's Steve Shaw is the most badass, bitchin' news reporter in Oklahoma City. There's just something about the guy you have to like and admire. He always tells it like it is, and doesn't let anything – from floods to meat sweats to a sale at Tommy Bahama– get in the way of a hard-hitting news story.

Knowing that, it's kind of surprising to know that Steve is single and looking for ladies on Tinder. Recently, an Ogle Mole sent us some screenshots from his profile. She would not tell us if she swiped left or right.

Here are some pics:


Well, I think it's official. Steve Shaw has supplanted Dave Morris and Big Chief as the most eligible bachelor on Oklahoma City. Who knows? Maybe he'll pull a Reed Timmer and find some hot Fox News personality to marry!

That being said, don't you think Steve could use some help setting up his profile? That last pic looks like it was taken at a pool party at the Habana Inn. You can't blame him, though. He doesn't know better. He's an old school, no-nonsense type of guy. He's used to walking in a Texas Road House and having women flock to him like honey butter on a dinner roll. This web stuff is new territory. He should ask Bree Steffen for tips and advice. In fact, maybe someone should hook them up. Something tells me Steve owns a couple of motorcycles.

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