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So, we found the Ogle Brothers’ old high school yearbooks….


I think by now everyone knows I'm from Edmond. In fact, there are some members of the city who probably want to prevent me from ever returning. I'm down with that, actually. (Sorry, Mom and Dad, but you guys basically live in Canada, that's how far north you are.) But a thing that not everyone knows is that my mom is from Edmond too. She remembers the before time, before there was nothing but sprawl and neighborhoods and strip malls. She fondly recalls a time when there were tons of open fields where kids could drive their mini bikes, when Mr. Woodham gave licks to students who skipped class, and when there were three handsome young Ogles on the basketball court.

Not only does my mother remember this time, but she has the yearbooks to prove it. So, to Kent, Kelly and Kevin, I'm sorry if you thought those pictures of your mid to late 1970s haircuts would never see the light of day again. The people need to see these things. So, without further ado, I bring you the best pictures of the young Ogle brothers!

Let's begin with Kent. He's my favorite Ogle because he likes Autozone a lot. Sometimes he talks about buying gifts for his wife from there. I don't know how well that goes. But, I respect his brand loyalty.

Here's Kent from the '73-'74 Bullpup yearbook.


And here's Kent from the 1978 Bulldog.


I can't see too good. Is that Farrah Fawcett, or just her wig?

What about Kevin? What did he look like back in the day? Did he have the Frankenogle thing going at the time? Here's him in the '73-'74 Bullpup:


Has he shrunk 5-inches since high school?


And now, here's where it gets interesting. I'm guessing my mom was in the same grade as Kelly, because he's in every one of her yearbooks, and not because she sometimes made me wear a blonde wig and read the news as punishment for not doing my chores.

Here's a baby Kelly in the '73-'74 Bullpup.


Ain't he precious? He looks like a cute little Lannister. It gets better.

In the '74-'75 yearbook, you can literally see his hair mushrooming from his head...


Which continued into 1976...


And into 1977...


In that year, Kelly apparently went to school drunk...


In a perfect world, the yearbook caption would read "And that's my two-cents."

The party got better in 1978...


He looks sober... and kind of like an extra from Boogie Nights.


Aqua vitae! But do sober people compete in the Latin Club Olympics? Maybe he was in Boogie Nights...


Sweet suit, Kelly.

Anyway, there is only one Lost Ogle in this city, and I definitely couldn't let these Ogles be lost forever. And I think it's important for the kids out there to see that you can be part of a media empire, even if you were in Latin Club, or had the hair of one of Charlie's Angels.

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