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OCCC student named Escort for Beaux Arts Ball!!!

debutant ball

It looks like we found a future OCCC hall of famer!

In yesterday's Oklahoman, society page beat writer Helen Ford Wallace put down her Google glasses to recap a cocktail party thrown for participants of the 2015 Beaux Arts Ball – a local rich person thing for college kids who need a reminder about how good they have it.


The 2015 Beaux Arts Ball debutantes, escorts and families and ball committee members got together for the first time at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Art museum CEO Michael Whittington and the board of trustees were hosts for the group at a cocktail reception. There are 19 young women (sophomores in college) and 19 young men (juniors in college) who will be presented at the time-honored traditional Debutante Ball in November.

Yeah, I can't believe our newspaper has a society page that glorifies this exclusionary, classist B.S. either. Know what else I can't believe? Helen Ford Wallace called out the Beaux Arts Ball folks for throwing a cocktail party for a bunch of underage college sophomores and juniors.

Seriously, doesn't that violate our state's much publicized "Social Host Law?" It's a good thing affluent white people who live in or around country clubs are generally immune from the enforcement of laws that involve drugs and alcohol, otherwise the organizers could get in a lot of trouble.

After spending some time scrolling through cocktail party pics to see who is this year's hottest piece of debutante ass, I looked over the list of honorees to see if I recognized any names. It was a pretty typical list of the Oklahoma ruling caste – there were Hefners, Switzers and even a Frogge – but one thing immediately caught my attention....

2015 debutantes: The Beaux Arts Ball debutantes, their parents and the schools they are attending are: Liza Anne Cameron, daughter of Laura Anne Love and William Martyn Cameron, University of San Diego; Carly Fornof Collins, daughter of Anne and William Ivan Fornof Collins, University of Arkansas; Monica Nicole Elkins, daughter of Virginia and Dr. Charles Craig Elkins, University of Oklahoma: Hannah Lyn Frogge, daughter of Elain and Stephen Gregory Frogge, University of California, Santa Barbara; Katherine Browne Hanstein, daughter of  Karen Raupe-Hanstein, Baylor University; Anna Kristina Harlow, daughter of  Aimee and David Harlow, Southern Methodist University; Gabrielle Coury Hefner, daughter of Carol and Robert Alexander Hefner IV, University of Oklahoma;  Abigail Jane Johnston, daughter of Jenny and Michael Ross Johnston, University of Oklahoma; Callie Quinn Kumler, daughter of  Chris and Robert Clarke Kumler Jr., University of Oklahoma; Catherine Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Cassandra and David Michael Lewis, University of Oklahoma; Olivia Ann Metzer, daughter of Tetene  and Dr. Steven Meltzner and Greg Anthony Metzer, University of Oklahoma; Asha Devi Nanda, daughter of Dr. Sumit Kumar Nanda and Dr. Sumeeta Malhotra Nanda, Duke University; Natalie Ann Robinson, daughter of Karma and Cooper Brett Robinson, University of Arizona; Caroline Anne Say, daughter of Katie and Tony S. Say, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Dana Slone Silver, daughter of Susan and Marc Jeffrey Silver, University of Oklahoma; Caroline Lee Sullivan, daughter of Stephanie Elizabeth Shaw and Christa and Dr. Jackson L. Sullivan, Florida Atlantic University; Taylor Lynne Trachtenberg, daughter of Yvette and Alan Randall Trachtenberg, University of South Carolina; Grace Vose Williams, daughter of Casey and George Rainey Williams Jr., Texas Christian University, and Katherine Keegan Wolf, daughter of Judy and Dr. Thomas Charles Wolf Jr., University of Oklahoma.

Escorts: 2015 Beaux Arts Ball escorts, their parents, and schools they are attending are: John Mark Downs, son of Debbie and Greg Derek Downs, University of Oklahoma; Davis Doyle English, son of Vicki and James Doyle English, Duke University; Harbour Stewart Foltz, son of Wendi and Daniel Paul Foltz, University of Central Oklahoma; Garrett Haskell Fraley, son of Cheryl and Thomas Haskell Fraley III, University of Oklahoma; Brent Joseph Gawey, son of Drs. Elizabeth Parro Gawey and Bradley Joseph Gawey and, University of Georgia; Mark Conner Harris, son of Crosby and Robert Graham Harris, University of Oklahoma; David Allen Henderson, son of Anne and Brian David Henderson, University of Oklahoma; Clark Richard Higganbotham, son of Carolyn and Olan Dean Higganbotham, University of Texas at Austin; Ty William Lopez, son of Kathy and Dr. Martin James Lopez Jr.,University of Oklahoma; David Michael Love, son of Becky and David Johnston McCubbin and Lisa and Gregory Michael Love, University of Oklahoma; Tyler Jackson Lucas, son of Becky and Matthew Killeen Lucas, University of Oklahoma; Cody King Moore, son of Kim and Randall King Moore, University of Oklahoma; Michael Howorth Parry, son of Gayle and Richard Howorth Parry, University of Oklahoma; Richard Bascum Pippin, son of Alice and Philip Griffin Pippin, University of Oklahoma; Justin Davis Raupe, son of Steven Davis Raupe and Lana Elaine Raupe, Oklahoma City Community College; Robert Trenton Saunders, son of Tracey and Robert C. Saunders Jr., Southern Methodist University; Cameron Mason Scott, son of Susan and Gerald Lee Scott, University of Oklahoma; Bryce Thomas Stevenson, son of Kathleen and Thomas Joseph Stevenson Jr., Southern Methodist University, and John Allee Switzer, son of LaRue and William Harvey Stoller and Larry Wayne Switzer, University of Oklahoma.

Holy shit! Oklahoma City Community College is represented in the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club Beaux Arts Ball?! Forget for a second that debutante ball escorts have to be juniors and O-Trip is only a two-year institution. That's awesome! It shows Harvard on May is finally being accepted by our city's elite and cements the school's status as the number one community college in the entire metro. You don't see Rose State, Redlands or even OSU-OKC mentioned anywhere on that list, do you? Imagine all those possibilities, bitches.

Anyway, I did some online snooping to see what I could find about Justin Davis Raupe. Apparently, he went to Casady and was born into the Ozarka Water empire.  Maybe he'll use his clout, money and love of water to save the OCCC swimming pool?

Here's his Twitter profile image. His account name is @BrOzarka. As I mentioned, he loves water.

Justin Davis Raupe

It's official. Justin Davis Raupe is my new hero! Not only does he look like an OCCC student, but he acts like one, too! Go Commuters! Or Pioneers! Or whatever the damn OCCC mascot is named.

Anyway, congrats to Justin and all of this year's debutantes and their escorts. Other than getting him into a four-year institution, is there anything our Moles can do to ensure Justin is named Beaux Arts Ball King? It would really cement his status as the second greatest OCCC student of all time, and show all future OCCC students that anything in life – whether it's inheriting a water company or running a blog – is possible with an Associate Degree. I know I'll be rooting for him. O-trip for life!

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