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23rd and Penn is the gift that keeps on giving…


The woman and /or dying catfish pictured above is Kristina Major.

She was one of six people arrested last week at the intersection of NW 23rd and Penn on charges of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Apparently she and her friends were  jumping in front of cars, harassing customers at the fancy two-story McDonald's, and once the cops arrived, began flashing and mooning some really unfortunate, scarred for life motorists.


Police were called about a “bunch of transients” who were harassing customers and “jumping out into traffic” near the corner of NW 23 and Pennsylvania Avenue about 5:20 p.m. Thursday.

An officer found six people at a bus stop in front of a McDonalds who appeared intoxicated and could not stand on their own, a police report states.

While the officer was waiting for backup, several members of the group started pulling down their pants and flashing passing motorists, according to the report.

Okay, so outside of a pretty white Christian girl pretending to be a Muslim, it was basically your typical day at 23rd and Penn. I'm glad to know everything there is fine and totally normal. Nothing to see here. Turn around.

Actually, there is something to see here. That would be the other mug shots. Although they're not as glorious as Ms. Bitter Beer Face, they are still pretty nice...


I actually have a couple of tear drop tattoos on my face. I get them every time I read a Jenni Carlson column from beginning to end.



I think this guy was one of the original Greasers from The Outsiders. He probably works at Beck's Garage on the weekend.



Is this guy a transient or a hipster who was trying to find his way to the Plaza District? They all look the same to me.



Oddly enough, that's the same face I make whenever I drive through the 23rd and Penn intersection. It smell like a weird combination of fried chicken, gasoline, hamburgers, Icy drinks and urine.



Those Tina Fey glasses really look nice on him!


Anyway, those are the other mugshots. You're welcome. Now you don't have to spend $1 on that Just Busted newspaper at Walgreens.

Also, this...

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