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Oklahoma Legislature nearly condemns world’s dead Christians

10:32 AM EDT on May 14, 2015


I don't care if you worship the Christian God or Lord England, you probably shouldn't be killed or persecuted for your faith. Well, unless you're faith involves knocking on my door early on a Saturday morning. You probably shouldn't be killed or persecuted for that either, but you do deserve a flat tire or Braum's to screw up your order. It seems fair.

Anyway, I bring this up because Sally Kern and her pals in the Oklahoma legislature passed a very important resolution yesterday calling on President Obama to condemn the deaths of Christians around the world.


The Oklahoma House has passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama and Congress to reaffirm the nation’s commitments to protecting religious freedom and condemning the deaths of Christians around the world.

The measure’s author, Republican Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma City, said Tuesday that the Christian faith is restricted and even banned in some places around the world and a growing number of Christians are being persecuted and killed for practicing the faith.

The resolution says the World Watch List compiled by human rights organization Open Doors USA estimates that each month, on average, 322 Christians are killed for their faith.

Kern says the resolution does not establish an official government policy on religion and does not promote the use of military force.

That's nice. You can't really argue with that.

Plus, it's good to see our legislature waste its time on symbolic gestures that don't really mean anything. What would you rather them do? Pass more laws? That never works out well. Hell, they nearly even screwed this thing up. Check out the original language of the resolution:

condemn christians

Heh, I wonder how President Obama would have responded if he received a letter from the Oklahoma Legislature asking him to condemn dead Christians around the world? I bet he would have called a press conference in the Rose Garden and played along with it.

Fortunately, one of the few members in the Oklahoma legislature who knows how to read caught the mistake and alerted Sally Kern to the error before she embarrassed us yet again. Kern then filed this amendment...

kern amendment

That's better. Although I do wish she would have mentioned something about those people who knock on your door on Saturday morning. They are so annoying.

Thanks for reading!

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