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The 10 worst 7-Elevens in the OKC Metro

n air depot

Last week, we talked way too much about the 7-Eleven on 23rd and Penn. This was thanks to a colorful trio of newsmakers (social experimenter, crazy grabber, back alley masturbator) who brought attention to the store.

In the post about the back alley guy, I suggested we should come up with a list of the 10 worst 7-Elevens in the Oklahoma City metro and asked for readers to leave their suggestions in the comments. Surprisingly, people actually did just that. You all really take me seriously on all this shit don't you? That's almost as terrifying as having to go Number 2 in a 7-Eleven bathroom.

Anyway, last week I polled the TLO team to determine our official list of the 10 worst / weirdest 7-Elevens in the Oklahoma City Metro. It's very scientific. Check it out:

danforth and santa fe

10. Danforth and Santa Fe, Edmond

So, as far as 7-Elevens go, this location is really nice. There are plenty of gas pumps and the store is always immaculate. However, it's probably the best place to get in a wreck with a small SUV. I don't know what it is about that location, but every soccer mom in Edmond seems to go there, and they don't even care where they back up, which is saying something since the parking lot is probably two to three times the size of your average 7-Eleven parking lot. The only safe spot is by the free air dispenser. If you park at the curb in front of the store, backing out is basically taking your life in your own hands. - Marisa


16th and rockwell

9. 16th and Rockwell, Oklahoma City

When I was in high school, I lived close to two 7-Elevens. This one, and the one on NW 23rd and Council. My friends and I would go the 23rd and Council location after school to play Street Fighter 2, fill up on gas or buy a soda. We'd go to the Rockwell store to shoulder tap for beer, attempt to buy cigarettes or steal candy. I think that summarizes the differences between those two stores. - Patrick


se 44th and shields

8. SE 44th and Shields

When Louis sent me his list of the 10 worst 7-Elevens, he described this one as "Best Hookers in Town." That's deserving of an inclusion. - Patrick


expressway and independance

7. NW Expressway and Independence

I think the person who designed the layout for this 7-Eleven also drew up the plans for the I-44 & I-235 Interchange, and the parking lot for the French Market shopping center on 63rd and N. May. Thanks to ridiculously low gas prices, four gas pumps, and idiots like the driver in the black car who's probably trying to take a left onto Independence, the parking lot resembles a real life Demolition Derby. - Patrick


20th mcarthur

6. MacArthur and SW 15th, Oklahoma City

This 7-Eleven isn't really bad so much as it's a relic from a lost world. It's tiny, and perhaps from a time when Big Gulps were smaller. Everything in there is coated with a thick layer of dust, and the Dr. Pepper Icy dispenser is never ready to serve. NEVER. And that's the real crime, because the Dr. Pepper Icy is the only flavor worth purchasing. - Marisa


58th and may

5. 58th and N. May, Oklahoma City

This hidden 7-Eleven is tucked away next to some apartments near 58th and May, and like its counterpart near 122nd and May, doesn't sell gas. Something about this 7-Eleven is weird. It think the 7-Eleven corporate offices forgot it even exists. I walked in one time to grab a water and the bearded cashier said something like "Oh my god, you found us! Send help." It was strange. - Patrick



4. Robinson and Crossroads Blvd, Norman

Have you ever wondered what the opposite of planets aligning looks like? It's the parking lot of this 7-Eleven. The worst series of intersections and the I-35 on and off ramps all converge here, making this 7-Eleven both busy and hectic. Also, regardless of which way you leave that parking lot, you better be ready to sit for at least five minutes.

Also, side note: This is the only 7-Eleven where I've ever witnessed a fight. A man with a service dog asked a Juggalo not to pet said service dog. The Juggalo did it anyway. Dude with the service dog took a swing. I sat patiently at the back of the store and waited for it all to pass as I sipped my Diet Coke Big Gulp and munched on my blueberry Sour Punch Straws. - Marisa


seven elevem

3. SE 44th and Sooner, Del City

So, this is a very new 7-Eleven. So new, that we don't have a photo. The amenities are fantastic. They have so many Icy flavors to choose from. There is so much room inside the store that you could probably practice karate. So, what's wrong with this location? Well, the only time I ever visited this place, a dude with three teeth blew cigarette smoke in my ear while I poured my Icy drink. I think he thought he was being sexy. I left immediately. (Don't worry, I paid for my Icy--but I didn't purchase any sunflower seeds like I had planned.) Sure, it could be argued that this is not 7-Eleven's fault. But we all know that every convenience store is judged by the company it keeps. - Marisa


nw 10

2. NW 10th and Anywhere, Oklahoma City

Unless you're about to hit up Midtown, grab a burger at the Red Dog, or join a gang, if you're on 10th street you're probably in the wrong part of town. The same goes for any 7-Eleven on 10th street. Stay away from them. And if you do have to stop, make sure you wear gloves. - Patrick


23rd and penn

1. NW 23rd and Penn, Oklahoma City

I think we covered this store well last week. When you're the 7-Eleven that inspires a list of the worst 7-Elevens, you deserve the top spot. - Patrick


Honorable Mention: 23rd and Portland, 122nd and N. Penn, 19th and S. Air Depot, NW 36th and Penn, Wilshire and N. May, SW 59th and Kentucky, SW 29th and May

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