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Don Draper finally spent some time in Oklahoma…

11:32 AM EDT on May 11, 2015

Mad Men has always been lauded as a show that pays close attention to detail and historical accuracy. Knowing that, you would think they'd figure out how to properly spell our state's name.

Last night, Oklahoma finally made its first cameo in the Golden Age of Television. Cool, huh? Well, this happened:

alva mad men

Come on, Mad Men. You're better than this. I know we're not the brightest lot in the country, but one thing Oklahomans know is how to properly spell and abbreviate our state's name. I credit this to our old license plates that reminded generations of us that our state is simply OK.

This wasn't the only inaccuracy in last night's episode. Check this out:

mad men oklahoma

See that? The people behind Mad Men really think Alva has trees! What a joke.

Other than Roger Sterling dying from a stroke and Joan finally showing her boobs, I won't give away any major spoilers from last night's episode, but about half of it was set in Alva, a small farming community located between Enid and nowhere.

I guess Don Draper encountered some car trouble outside of town on his way to the Grand Canyon (which doesn't make any sense, because he probably would have stuck with interstate highways) and conveniently for the plot, the one part needed to fix his Cadillac had to be delivered via stagecoach from Tulsa (which also doesn't make sense because Oklahoma City, Wichita and even Enid are closer to Alva than Tulsa, but whatever). This meant Don was able to spend time with local town folk, doing Don Draper things like drink, wear sunglasses at a pool and get punched in the face.

Here are some other Oklahoma tidbits from the second-to-last episode:

• The show begins with Don having a dream while listening to "Okie from Muskogee."

• Even though prohibition ended in Oklahoma in 1959, apparently liquor was still hard to come by in Alva in 1970.

• At the beginning of the episode, Don is listening to "Fun Loving" 1520 KOMA. I think Danny Williams was the DJ.

• Whoever wrote this episode of Mad Men has Google Maps, because they also gave shoutouts to Woodward and Fairview.

Anyway, despite all the inaccuracies and misspellings, it was cool to see Don Draper in Oaklahoma. Hopefully he dies here so our state will be the answer to a cool bar trivia question over the next 25 years.

P.S. - It should probably be noted that a woman from Oklahoma claims DB Cooper is her uncle. Just saying...

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