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Someone is mad at OKCPD Chief Bill Citty…

bil citty

The guy pictured above is Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty, or as his rivals in the Valley Brook PD call him, Chief Lil' Titty Bill Citty.

In all honesty, I really don't know too much about Mr. Citty or whether he's a good police chief. Hell, I don't even know what a police chief does. I imagine he just sits around an office, smoking a cigarette and sipping on instant coffee, while waiting to use the big red phone that's directly connected to Gary England's severe weather cave.

But some people have very strong opinions about our chief of police. For example, the driver of this big white pick-up thinks Bill Citty needs to take a bath...

bill citty sticker

That's nice. In my opinion, someone who orders a customized ALL caps bumper sticker that spans the entire length of their pick-up tailgate is crazy, but you don't see me getting a bumper sticker that says that, do you?

I wonder what this person is trying to say. Is Bill Citty a dirty cop covering up other dirty cops with what I assume to be very dirty blankets, or is Bill Citty a crooked cop covering up other crooked cops with what I assume would be clean blankets?

Obviously, it's neither. This wacko is accusing Bill Citty of covering up gay OKCPD police sex at Lake Hefner. I have no clues if the claims are legit, but it would explain why Clark Matthews spotted those two cops wrestling in the woods when he was collecting turtle shells at the lake last weekend.

Hey, a Clark Matthews reference!

Anyway, even if these accusations are true, why put it on the back of your truck? To get a blog to write about it? If so, it worked, but it's still a stupid strategy. Instead of writing a novel and looking like a total fool for an issue nobody really cares about, create a website that details the accusations and then get some stickers made. You'll get more mileage out of it. I think would be a good domain. People would remember that.

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