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Pretty OCU student / princess / fairy gets media attention for wearing traditional Muslim attire…

10:34 AM EDT on May 5, 2015

katy hirsch 3

The girl pictured above is OCU student Katy Hirsch. She made the news in Oklahoma this week because she's a pretty white Christian girl who's been wearing a hijab around town to get attention as part of some "social experiment."

KFOR's Ashley Kringen has all the details:

‘I was frightened,’ Oklahoma City student experiences backlash after practicing Muslim tradition

An Oklahoma City University student is about to graduate this weekend and her end-of-the-year school project has captured a lot of attention.

Katy Hirsch is often seen walking around Oklahoma City University’s campus wearing a head cover.

She’s been wearing a hijab around campus and the metro, a head covering most Muslims wear to show modesty.

“The hijab is a way to show that you’re devoted to God and also because feminine beauty is a gift from God, it’s a way to protect that from disrespectful treatment,” said Hirsch.

Hirsch is a religion major and a Christian, but has been fascinated in World Religion, focusing on Islam.

Yes, nothing represents modesty more than wearing the traditional garb of a religion and culture you're not a part of, and then bragging about it on television. That's some humble shit right there.

So, why is KFOR even telling us about this? It's not like Katy puts on blackface and goes by the name Polyester Cotton.

However,  her experiment hasn’t been accepted by everyone.

Hirsch recalls one time at a 7-Eleven when she was physically pushed by a customer.

“Somebody slapped me on the arm, hard enough that I had to turn around and face him,” said Katy Hirsch. “He went like this and personally, I was frightened and I was scared because he was bigger than me.”

She ran out of the store, but had a feeling his hostility was in response to the Muslim tradition she has been practicing.

“The expression on his face told me that it wasn’t friendly and I didn’t want to stay and find out,” said Hirsch.

It sucks that some crazy nut went after her, but why does she automatically assume it's related to her hijab? That seems like a rush to judgement. Hello! She was hanging out at the 7-Eleven on NW 23rd and Penn. Anything can happen there. It's the most popular hangout in town for people who like to sniff paint and talk to themselves. Every time you walk inside that store you should have some mace and a bottle of disinfectant handy.

There are other plausible explanations. For example, maybe the guy recognized Katy from one of those Disney themed Princess Parties. Based on these photos from her Facebook page, she's really into that...

Katy Hirsch princess
katy h

Okay, imagine you're cracked out inside a 7-Eleven having a conversation with the ICEE machine and spot Princess Happy from your step-niece's birthday party dressed in a Muslim disguise while buying a pack of cigarettes. It's no excuse to touch a woman and scare her, but wouldn't you be a bit curious and try to figure out what's happening?

Anyway, I wonder what social experiment Katy is going to conduct next? Hopefully she doesn't start wandering around town in Hipster Boo Boo's headdress. That would be inappropriate. I say she goes as Tinker Bell. That should have interesting results.

Thanks for reading!

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