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Watch out for angry tigers and nipple biting zebras…

zebra tiger

On second thought, maybe those elephants shouldn't come to Oklahoma...

It's been one Hell of a week for animals in our state. First, we had those cheap ass, nimble goats trying to make their own personal Pike Pass Lane on a Turner Turnpike overpass. Then we had this gem about a zebra biting off a man's nipple in Muskogee. Surprisingly enough, that man was not Joe Exotic.

Via Tulsa's Fox 23:

The city of Muskogee is making a woman get rid of her pet zebra because it bit off a piece of a man’s nipple.

The victim is doing well. He told FOX23 he’s still a little sore.

FOX23 learned the owner still has the zebra. He’s locked in the stables because of the incident. The owner has had him for 10 years.

Animal control officers say it wasn’t a call they were expecting.

“I was traumatized,” said Leonard Overcash, the victim.

Overcash was working in a yard and went to the back to help his coworker with the weeds. He said the zebra, which was in the field on the other side of the fence, attacked him.

“He was just staring, you know just looking, and he just put his head over the fence and bit me,” said Overcash.

He said it bit off a piece of his right nipple. He had to get seven stitches.

The owner has had the zebra since it was a baby. FOX23 asked people in the neighborhood if they’ve ever had issues with it, and they all say no. The zebra’s been good.

I did some checking, and this was in fact a real zebra. It wasn't a fake one like you would see in Eastbound and Down.

Also, shouldn't we be getting more material like this from Muskogee? The town seems like it should sending out a solid story like this at least once every other week, but it's been relatively quiet since that naked dude was caught freezing to death in a guitar case. Get your act together, Muskogee.

In any normal week, a rabid nipple-biting donkey would be the story of the week, but it was quickly overshadowed by a tiger escaping its exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo and getting caught in netting while trying to eat a leopard.

Via News

Cell phone video from inside the Cat Forest Habitat captures the 4-year-old Sumatran tiger apparently trying to get out of its enclosure.

"At the moment, the tiger had just chewed through its chain link fence, and only had about half of its body through," said zoo visitor, Devin Dobson.

Devin Dobson heard the commotion and started recording on her phone. She said at one point people could see the tiger latched on to a Leopard in the exhibit next door.

"Finally it crawled all the way through this little tiny hole and it unlatched from whatever it was holding on to, potentially possibly the Leopard," said Dobson. "She kind of fell in between the chain linked fence."

"It could have gone real bad," said Sophia King.

The story went national fast when Bob Mills Sky News 9 arrived on the scene. Here's the live look-in from Fox News:

Say what you want, but at least our state was able to divert our nation's attention away from Baltimore for a few minutes.

In all honesty, the whole thing was anti-climatic. As this Twitter video shows, the tiger was basically just stuck is some netting. It was as "on the loose" as a fish flopping on the shore of a beach, but still, what the hell is going on with animals in our state. It's becoming quite obvious to me that they no longer want to be here. Maybe they're fed up with our politics or climate. Something is going on.

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