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Oklahoma State Rep Kevin Calvey threatened to set himself on fire…

10:15 AM EDT on April 27, 2015

kevin calvey

A crazy Oklahoma legislator finally has an idea we can get behind...

Derplahoman State Rep. Kevin Calvey, who lost the battle of bad haircuts to James Lankford in the 2010 congressional election, recently threatened to douse himself in gasoline and light a match to protest the "evil" of the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Yes, that's right. A guy who serves in our legislature thinks the court is evil. In other news, the NFL thinks basketball is too violent.


Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Oklahoma City, got animated during debate on Senate Bill 548, which would provide 6 percent raises, paid from court fees, for Supreme Court justices and other appellate court judges and employees. The bill ended up passing and returns to the Senate for final consideration. Calvey is upset with court rulings that have gone against efforts to restrict abortions and said that withholding the pay increase would be effective in punishing the justices. He loudly said that if he were not a Christian, he would go across the street to the state Supreme Court building, douse himself in gasoline and set himself on fire to “protest the evil in that building.”

That's ridiculous. If he really wanted to protest "evil," you'd think he'd set himself on fire and walk into his barber shop.

Also, what does being a Christian have to do with any of this? Unlike our legislature, suicide doesn't discriminate when it comes to religion. And I doubt it would have been suicide anyway. I bet some loyal capitol page would have pulled a Jon Snow and shot Calvey with an arrow before the flames did their damage.

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