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Kevin Durant’s name popped up in the Sony email leaks…

Yesterday, we received a tip via the Ogle Mole Network that Kevin Durant's name appeared in the most recent batch of Sony emails to show up on Wikileaks. Apparently, the Real MVP used some of his Hollywood connections to score tickets to the June 2014 premiere of 22 Jump Street.

Here's a pic from the event:

kevin durant

Well, that's the most boring Hollywood premier photo of all time. Where are the babes and models and the cool posse? It looks like KD is hanging with a couple of foot surgeons. As we know, all foot surgeons are incompetent assholes. There's a reason they're operating on feet and not brains or hearts or boobs.

Thanks to the Sony / Wikileaks thing, we're now able to see how KD scored tickets. Or better yet, how he tried to score tickets.

It all started when Jamie Patricof, the producer behind KD's narcissistic and cursed HBO documentary, hit up Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Pictures, asking for tickets to the event. Here's the exchange:



I hope all is well.

I hate to ask a favor, but for the NBA MVP i have to. Im working on a project with Kevin and he is in LA. He and his friends would like to go to the 22Jump Street premiere and I have tried all of my contacts and have not had any luck. Is there any chance you can ask them for some last minute tickets, of course


Just landed from nyc. Unfortunately I think we are full up.


Kevin was able to get the tickets. Not sure if you are going to the premiere but say hello to him if you are, he really is a special guy. 



I'll be there  I have kids. 


I was just about to reach out to Mary Powell as my documentary crew will be with him. Should I ask her to find you when he arrives so kids can meet him?Jamie


No. But thanks. They don't know basket ball. Neither do I.

At that point the email chain ended. Kevin went to the movie, had a good time, and probably got to smoke pot with Jonah Hill. Awesome, huh?!!

Actually, that sucks. I have no clue why I decided to waste our time and share this news with you. I guess I'm just starved for any and all Thunder news. Right now, we should be planning our lives around the playoff schedule, guessing what color cheap t-shirts the team will give away and criticizing Scott Brooks for starting Andre Roberson. Instead, all we have is kiss ass Charlie emailing some flippant CEO who doesn't know "basket ball." God that's depressing. Hurry up and get well, KD. We all need it. I don't want to go through another spring like this. And fuck those foot surgeons.

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