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Edmond has a high-end brothel….

2:45 PM EDT on March 31, 2015

edmond high end brothel

Despite what some other writers on this site would have you believe, I kind of like Edmond. It's where all the rich, fancy people live, and it's packed to the brim with high-end homes, high-end cars, high-end grocery stores and even a high-end brothel.

Well, at least it is according to KFOR.

Yesterday, blonde reporter Abby Broyles took a break from chugging longnecks at the Cock o' the Walk to report on yet another Edmond brothel. This time around, the madame wasn't a UCO student, but a former cutting board merchant.


Police busted a high-end brothel in Edmond.

The owner claimed it was a massage parlor located across the street from the affluent Rose Creek neighborhood.

Penny Melton used to sell cutting boards at a kiosk inside Quail Springs Mall.

She opened the alleged brothel in Edmond several months ago, claiming it was a massage parlor, which catered to wealthy businessmen.

So she went from selling cutting boards to selling sex? She must really like handling wood!

Haha! Boom! How's that for some high-end humor?

Anyway, I've never been to a brothel or massage parlor. What makes this place high-end and fit for Edmond standards?

A ring of the doorbell would take men inside a private escape, according to the racy ads online.

There’s no sign for Claire’s Red Door, only a phone number to book appointments.

With prices starting at $150 an hour, police say the women who worked here would perform sex acts on clients.

$150? That seems kind of cheap, but I guess it's high-end for Oklahoma. If you remember correctly, sex acts only cost you a bag of chips on South Robinson.

For some reason, KFOR decided to interview people who worked in offices next to Claire's Red Door, which actually sounds like a good name for coffee shop in the Plaza District:

“I would see men multiple times a day walking in and out with wedding bands, they’d walk in and out, hair’s a mess,” an employee who works in the shopping center said.

We agreed to hide the identities of those who work in the professional offices next door.

“About a month after they were there, I started noticing that when the men would go to the building, they would open the door and actually take them by the hand intimately,” one woman said.

“Everybody knows Wednesday’s hump day, and that was one of their big specials,” another woman said.

This place had Hump Day specials?! That's just awesome. Get this lady a job at Ackerman-McQueen because she's a marketing genius! I wonder if they also had a discount card where on your fifth massage appointment you received an Oklahoma-shaped cutting board or something. They really do make great gifts.

Anything else?

Police say they got away with selling sex for about five months before undercover officers came to the door.

According to court documents, a female masseuse offered an officer oral sex for $200.

Police arrested the masseuse, Skyler Henderson, and the owner, Penny Ann Melton.

Pictures from Melton’s Twitter show her old cutting board business.

Now, she’s busted for a business that stirs up emotions.

“Angry and really hard not to say anything to the women because sometimes we would leave the same time of day,” one woman said.

“Being a wife, you’re at work, you’re thinking about what your husband is doing throughout the day, and come to find out that’s not the case. These men possibly have kids, and it’s just sickening honestly,” another woman said.

Melton and Henderson are both free on bail.

First of all, don't you feel sorry for the anonymous woman's husband? I'll bet you $20 that they "share" a Facebook account. Seriously, what type of man or woman sits around at their job thinking about what their spouse does all day? Shouldn't they be doing something more productive like working?

Anyway, I'm one of those logical people who thinks prostitution should be legalized, taxed and regulated to protect both the buyers and sellers, so hopefully Melton and her, uhm, fellow massage therapist don't get in too much trouble. If anything, she should be applauded for having an entrepreneurial spirit and for bringing a new high-end product to a market that apparently wants and needs it.

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