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The Chickasha Police Department should enroll in a video production class…

Last night, I was checking out the news section on KFOR in search of material (yes, it's a sad life) and stumbled across this image. I thought I hit the jackpot:

kfor headline

Holy shit! Furry costume? Suspicious character?? Chickasha, Oklahoma??? Merry Blogger Christmas!!! What amazing gift do you have for us, KFOR? Did Pedobear walk out on his tab at J&W Grill? Did some furry's van breakdown on the way to buy meth supplies in Lawton?

Let's see what it is...

The Chickasha Police Department got into the Easter holiday spirit Friday, when they posted this gem of a video to their Facebook page:

Police Department chases suspicious "character"Detective Burkhart was advised of a suspicious character who is planning "distribution" in the next few weeks. Upon contact with the person, he discovered an individual that was concealing items in his vest. Detective Burkhart retrieved the item and at that time the individual denied any knowledge of the item and made a run for it. The event was captured on Video!

Posted by Chickasha Police Department on Friday, March 27, 2015

Oh, so KFOR's report did nothing but promote a small town police department's sad attempt to make a viral video. As Paul Folger would say, that's chicken shit.

Seriously, what a let down. I was expecting something funny, like Jesse Wells interviewing the Chickasha police chief about the dangers of sexual predators dressed as furry animals and hanging around city parks. Instead I had to watch wobbly, vertical, iPhone 3GS footage of a police officer harassing a mythical childhood figure. The only good thing about the clip was the costume design. I'm pretty sure the Easter Bunny at the Chickasha Walmart does wear a tank top.

Anyway, it's probably time for the Chickasha Police Department to enroll in a video production class. They could have shot better video with a body camera. Better yet, maybe they should drive up the turnpike and train with the Norman PD. They're pretty good at filming videos.

p.s. - On the topic of Pedobear...

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