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Ogle Madness VIII: Northeast Region (Upper Bracket)

8:00 AM EDT on March 16, 2015


Hi all. Happy Monday! Let's hope this week is a lot less racist than last week, shall we?

Today we tip-off Ogle Madness VIII. If you haven't yet, download your bracket here. Don't forget to print one for all your coworkers.

This morning we'll do the first part of the Northeast region. The other part will be up later today. You have until midnight to vote.

But first, some housekeeping. The play-in games were last week and here are the results:

Scott from Scott's Motor Cars: 372Rit Mathis: 275

The KFOR Social Media Bandit: 325Richard ViralNovaBuzzfeedHall: 204

Discriminated White Girl from Ada: 301Katie from Edmond: 289

Emily Sutton's Okie: 502Mary Fallin's Okie: 66

Congratulations to all of our winners. Good luck getting demolished in the next round.

And now for the real thing. Let the games begin!

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (16) Scott from Scott's Motor Cars

emily sutton weather dong

(1) Emily Sutton

Who she is: You know who she is, don't you? Of course you do, creepy internet guy.

Strengths: Still being able to get ridiculously excited about our daily earthquakes.

emily sutton earthquake

Weaknesses: Bladder control.


scotts motor cars

(16) Scott from Scott's Motor Cars

Who He Is: Frightening Pitchman. Seriously, just watch his commercial.

Strengths: Has that sort of baffling self-confidence you typically only see from drunk people and Guy Fieri.

Weaknesses: Not nearly as badass as Marco Palumbo.


(8) The Sports Animal vs. (9) 107.7 The Franchise


(8) The Sports Animal

Who they are: That thing we listened to in 2007.

Strengths: Matt Pinto.

Weaknesses: Podcasts and satellite radio exist now.



(9) 107.7 The Franchise

Who they are: Sports radio station featuring all the best Sports Animal rejects

Strengths: They're 100% Eschbach-free.

Weaknesses: The ratings.



(4) Mike Gundy vs (13) Scott Pruitt


(4) Mike Gundy

Who he is: 47 (!) year old man

Strengths: Hates Jim Traber



scott pruitt

(12) Scott Pruitt

Who he is: Your maddening Attorney General

Strengths: Smart enough to form his secretive alliances with important, powerful people.

Weaknesses: He's totally harshing our mellow.



(5) David Payne vs. (12) Joe Exotic

david payne oklahoma

David Payne:

Who he is: The guy yelling at you during severe weather who isn't Mike Morgan.

Strengths: His sweetass wardrobe.

david payne shirt

Weaknesses: Lord Gary doesn't like him.


tiger king joe exotic

(12) Joe Exotic

Who he is: The most exciting thing between here and Dallas, other than that porn store on the other side of the Red River

Strengths: He and Meg Alexander single-handedly keep Oklahoma leopard-print clothing industry afloat.

Weaknesses: Might have... tuberculosis?


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