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Channel 5 found an excuse to go to Valley Brooke’s all-nude strip club…

10:30 AM EST on February 24, 2015

We're in the final days of February sweeps and the local news channels are making one final push to win the ratings book. This was pretty obvious on Sunday night, as Channel 5 went to the lowest common denominator and used the Oscars broadcast to promote an exposé on the metro's only "all-nude" strip club.

Yep, the metro has an all-nude strip club and Channel 5 decided to devote a sweeps story to it. Isn't that kind of desperate and sad? We know they're usually the third or fourth place in the ratings, but that doesn't mean they should act like it. Not only are there better, more important stories to cover, but look at how uncomfortable it made Paul Folger and Jessica Schambach feel:

paul folger schambach

I consulted our guide to the Many Faces of Paul Folger, and this appears to be a Paul Folger's new "Think About Baseball" face.

Here's the story about the club via KOCO:

A new strip club in Valley Brook is causing some concern among residents. People want to know how the all-nude strip club is legal in Oklahoma.

The club opened on Valentine's Day and is just one of a few strip clubs on 59th Street in Valley Brook, but this one is all-nude and no alcohol is served at the club.

A representative for the club said they make their money through cover charges and the sale of non-alcohol drinks.

In addition to not serving alcohol, regulations are in place that don't allow dancers to be completely nude when they leave the stage.

The club representative says the club has not received any backlash or negative input, but KOCO 5 News has received questions about the legality of the club from concerned citizens.

So KOCO reached out to Valley Brooke Vice Mayor Lewis Nieman to get answers.

"They had to get their license from us, it is legal in the state of Oklahoma. We had to adopt certain ordinances to regulate it," said Nieman.

Nieman also said they have not heard any issues or concerns about the club.

First of all, I'd like to point out that this is the vice-mayor of Valley Brooke:

valley brooke mayor

When your vice-mayor looks like he has one brother Darryl and another brother Darryl, it may be time to get a new vice-mayor. Unless the vice-mayor is the person who oversees and regulates all the strip clubs and prostitution services. Then it kind of fits.

Anyway, I'm not too sure about this all-nude strip club. The venues in Valley Brooke generally feature dancers that need to wear more clothing, not less. Plus what's the fun in going to a strip club if you can't drink alcohol? You need something to numb all the pain and sadness.

Also, I wonder how The Oklahoman's Nolan Clay is taking this report. He's been the local strip club beat reporter for a year or so now, so he can't be too pleased to see TV news encroaching on his turf.  He's probably inside The Oklahoman's downtown headquarters pleading with his editor's to let him cover this story...

"Let me go undercover and scout the place for a few weeks. It may be part of a bigger story."

"What do you think that bigger story is?"

"I don't know. Let me go undercover and scout the place for a few weeks. Something will turn up."

"Still need to know the story."

"Will a dollar bill change your mind?"

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