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Uhm, Dustin Diamond is performing stand up in Idabel for Valentine’s Day

dustin diamond

Looking to get dumped on Valentine's Day? Well, have we found the date for you.

Saved By The Bell, VH1 Celebreality and Dirty Sanchez sex tape star Dustin Diamond will perform stand up comedy at some place called "The Bank" in Idabel on Valentine's Day. There's no word yet if show will be followed by a special burlesque performance by Elizabeth Berkley.

Here's a postcard for the show:

dustin diamond stand up oklahoma

I wasn't a big Saved By The Bell Fan when I was a kid, but even I'll admit that this looks like a kind of like a fun thing to go to if you if you want to boost your self-esteem. Seriously, Screech? The only interesting thing that can happen at this show is Screech stabbing Bryan Abrams at the buffet or two girls rub sh...


Hi, Marisa here.

What Patrick is missing is how important Saved by the Bell was to all of us in our childhoods. Who didn't want to cheer with Kelly Kapowski on the cheerleading squad, or meet Slater after wrestling practice at the Max for french fries, or cheat off of Jessie Spano's homework? Saved by the Bell really shaped my childhood view of how love and high school relationships would be. Granted, it never turned out that great, and guys like Zack Morris never asked me to homecoming, but dammit, the show still has a special place in my heart.

Something like this would definitely be the coolest Valentine's Day date ever. Sure, it's in Idabel, but just think of how much fun it would be. Maybe Screech's love for Lisa Turtle remained unrequited throughout the entirety of the series, but if someone took me to this, they'd at least get to second base before dinner.

it on Screech's face. I'm not sure it's worth driving to Idabel for all that.

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