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Here are the five types of food Oklahomans like to eat the most…


Earlier this week, Huffington Post and Yelp! got together to produce some clickbait that listed "The Most Disproportionately Popular Cuisine In Each State."

Here's an explanation of the groundbreaking study:

Yelp figured out which cuisines were most common in each state by examining restaurant listings on its site. The review service uses information pulled by third-party data providers from public records and other sources in order to create its online restaurant listings,according to its website.

To get the data for the map, Yelp first calculated the percentage of total restaurants each cuisine represented in a given state. Then, it compared each percentage with the cuisine's representation in restaurants nationwide. The resulting map, made by HuffPost, shows the cuisines with a disproportionate level of representation in each state.

Restaurants on Yelp can be placed into as many as three categories, so some restaurants may have been counted more than once. For instance, a Kosher vegetarian Chinese restaurant would count as three cuisines.

Okay, so that's not too bad of a methodology for blatant clickbait. Let's check out the top 5 for Oklahoma:

braums girl

5. Fast food -- 51 percent higher than national average.

We're only fifth in fast food?! I'm already calling bullshit on this study. As our state's high rankings in diabetes and heart disease deaths clearly show, there's no way that we're only 51% above the national average for fast food consumption. We like nutritionally deficient snacks and meals more than meth, football and hawks making lazy circles in the sky combined. I've even heard that our legislature is considering naming starch, sugar, sodium and fat the state's official state food ingredients.



4. Buffets -- 51 percent higher than national average.

We're also 51% higher than the national average for buffets. I guess there's a reason we hear all those Mackey McNear's commercials on The Sports Animal. When you combine that with the Furr's Fresh Buffet being the most popular restaurant in Moore, this makes sense.



3. Steak -- 58 percent higher than national average.

I thought this would be #2. There's nothing an Oklahoman loves more than a good steak. (See Red Prime, The Mantle, Cattleman's.) Unfortunately, there's also nothing an Oklahoman loves more than a bad one. (See Cimarron Steak House, aforementioned Mackey McNears, Toby Keith's.)


video vigilante

2. BBQ -- 88 percent higher than national average.

This kind of surprised me. I know we like BBQ in Oklahoma, but I didn't know it was that popular. We have Leo's, Iron Star and, uhm, Swadley's? Is that it? We're not going to count Billy Sim's are we? I hope not. I guess we also have the other Oklahoma Joe's in Tulsa. It's pretty good if you have the munchies and are catching a show at Cain's Ballroom.


chelinos queso

1. Tex-Mex -- 93 percent higher than national average.

I figured this would be number one. Oklahoma is the mecca for cheap, sometimes-good Mexican food. I'm pretty sure there's a Chelinos, San Marcos, or some other hole-in-the-wall that occupies an old Braum's or Dairy Queen in or around every neighborhood.

Plus, our Tex-Mex places – at least the good ones – still provide free cheese sauce with the set-up. Some even give you that stuff that I call trashcan salsa. It's like regular salsa, only served in big bowl with chunks of avocado and who knows what else in it. If you're not at one of those places, you're at the wrong place.

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