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Hipster Boo Boo is opening an art gallery…

christina fallin pink pony

I think we found the home for the next OK Fashion Week kickoff event.

Yesterday, KFOR's Lacey Lett infringed on our turf and broke the news that Hipster Boo Boo is opening an international contemporary art gallery in downtown Oklahoma City. It's called the Sloan Installation Gallery, or "SIG" for short. If you just want to call it "Eye Roll," that's probably fine.

The gallery is owned by Christina and few other wealthy people who probably have rich parents, own an oil company and / or owe Governor Fallin a favor. It's curated / directed by Christina's Pink Pony bandmate, boyfriend and Carles from Hipster Runoff impersonator Steven Battles.

The gallery will feature a mix of international and local installation artists. It will also be a community meeting space for people who are really out of touch with the real Oklahoma City community. Here's the KFOR report:

Governor Mary Fallin’s daughter, Christina, is helping take art to the next level right in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City.

Christina Fallin is showing her creative side at the new Sloan Installation Gallery.

“Everybody talks about Oklahoma experiencing a renaissance. We’ve seen lots of small businesses open up,” Fallin said.  “This is kind of an expansion of that, and we`re just further adding on to each other’s creativity and entrepreneurialism.”

Fallin says she saw similar art during her travels around the world.

“I’ve kind of seen this art throughout my visits to other countries,” Fallin said. “My thought with this gallery was `how can we bring that art here? How can we make it more accessible to Oklahomans?’”

The gallery mixes international works with local art.

“They`ve all like stepped up their game. We all do better and we all try harder when we all have something to look up to,” Fallin said.

You know what? Good for Hipster Boo Boo. How nice it must be to travel the world and look at international art and then use your family's influence and money to open an art gallery! It's good to see the American Dream is still alive and working well. I can't wait to visit SIG on Cultural Appropriation Thursday or Skinny Jean Saturday.

Also, aren't we just lucky that someone finally had the idea to bring international art to Oklahoma City? What an amazing concept. You mean they make art and stuff in other countries? I bet all the local lazy artists in town can't wait to try harder now that they have something to inspire them. Great job.

Anyway, since I've written just about everything there is to write about Christina Fallin over the past few years, I thought it would be fun to see what the trolls on the KFOR Facebook Page had to say about SIG and post some of their comments.

For some reason, though, the KFOR Social Media Bandit didn't post the story to Facebook. WTF is up with that? The KFOR Social Media Bandit loves clicks and comments more than anything, and let me tell you, people love to click and comment on stories about Hipster Boo Boo. If you landed here from Facebook, start nodding your head right now. Seriously, how did they not post the story? Talk about a massive fail. It's almost as embarrassing as getting fired from So6ix or filing for an annulment from your second marriage less than a year after your first divorce.

Hehe. Sorry. I couldn't resist.

You can check out more about SIG – are we really supposed to call it that? – over at their website. Hopefully, they establish some sort of rivalry or beef with The Womb and the two galleries engage in a bloody war of narcissism or something. That would be fun to watch.

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