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Some poor kid from Yukon has to be a Carolina Panthers fan…

cade pope carolina panthers

Watch what you wish for.

Cade Pope, a 12-year-old kid from Yukon, learned that the hard way.

A few weeks ago, he sent a handwritten letter to the owner of each NFL team asking if their franchise should become his new favorite. One team actually replied.

Via a Steve Shaw report with News 9:

A Yukon boy got more than he bargained for after writing letters to all 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL).

Yukon Middle School sixth grader, Cade Pope's mother Heather said her 12-year-old son finished writing all 32 letters by hand two weeks ago. He mailed them to all of the team owners.

He did it because he said he's been agonizing over who to root for. He said he used to be a St. Louis Rams fan because of former OU star Sam Bradford, but now Cade could be called a “free agent.”

Thursday, Cade received a package from Carolina Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson. Inside was a replica team helmet and a handwritten letter from Richardson, who founded the Panthers two decades ago, and a man who is now one of the most powerful owners in the NFL.

Richardson wrote:

“Cade we would be honored if our Carolina Panthers became your team, we would make you proud by the classy way we would represent you.”

Geeze, wouldn't that suck? You send a letter to each NFL team asking if they want you to be a fan, and only the Carolina Panthers reply. I bet this kid's letter writing campaigns are done. This would be like asking every girl in the school to the dance and only hearing back from Belinda from Freshman orchestra.

Seriously, the Carolina Panthers? Their national fan base has doubled now that Cade is a fan. I hope he enjoys bad coaching and watching a franchise quarterback not live up to his full potential.

Although this whole thing kind of backfired, let's give Cade some credit for coming up with a good idea. I think I may steal it. Later today, I plan on sending a handwritten letter to each OU sorority explaining that I've never experienced Greek life and am looking for a favorite sorority to cheer for on campus. I'll be sure to ask what each sorority will do to win my loyalty.

Best Case Scenario: Several sororities reply and I'm helping build homecoming floats, organize Christmas formals and referee pillow tickle fights.

Worst Case Scenario: No sororities reply, but they do forward my letters to the police.

Once again, I guess you should watch what you wish for.

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