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Abigail Ogle was trolled by the stars of Black-ish…

abigail ogle blackish

There's a reason we tell you she's going to rule the world someday...

Earlier this week, Abigail Ogle interviewed Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, the stars of Black-ish. It's the new ABC show that you've never watched, but feel like you kind of know because you've seen so many previews while watching OU or OSU football games.

Abigail interviewed the duo as part of her new morning gig on KOCO Channel 5.  Yeah, we forgot to tell you about that. Abigail is no longer Carson Cunningham's boss in the KOCO sports department. She's taken her overly cheery, perky, positive, sunshiny, somewhat oblivious and annoying personality to the mornings where it belongs.


Effective immediately, KOCO 5 News In The Morning is proud to announce Erielle Reshef and Abigail Ogle as the weekday morning anchor team, with morning Meteorologist Brad Sowder.

“Erielle and Abigail both have strong personal and professional ties to Oklahoma,” said Brent Hensley, KOCO 5 President and General Manager. “Those ties deepen their commitment and enhance their ability as journalists to serve our community.”...

Abigail Ogle is already a familiar face to KOCO 5 viewers for her work weekday mornings as a contributing reporter who has broken a number of major stories. She was first on the scene at the Norman hostage standoff in November, reporting live for six tense hours as police negotiated a peaceful ending.

“My family has deep roots in Oklahoma. Some even took part in the Oklahoma land run,” said Ogle. “Having grown up in Oklahoma, it’s my honor to serve the community I love. I cannot wait to share more Oklahomans' stories and help keep our viewers informed and connected each morning.”

Ogle is proud to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather Jack Ogle, who was also a KOCO 5 on-air personality. Ogle graduated from Edmond Memorial High School and from the University of Oklahoma, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

1. How the hell did I miss Abigail's live reporting from the hostage scene in Norman? Oh, I forgot, I was busy listening to Lance West getting duped by the suspect on live tv.

2. Do you like how Channel 5 totally ignored that obvious fact that Abigail is the daughter of Kevin Ogle, the niece of Kent and Kelly Ogle, and the second cousin of Thor of Asgard? If you're going to hire an Ogle, don't pretend that the other ones don't exist. Vikings hate being ignored.

Anyway, I got sidetracked. Abigail interviewed the gang of Black-ish. It ended with Abigail dealing with one of those "Are they laughing with me, or laughing at me?" moments. If you ask me, it was the latter.

Check it out:

markie martin 1

Damnit, I wrote all the stuff above and totally forgot that KOCO doesn't let other other websites embed their videos. That's probably good for them. I guess you'll have to go to the KOCO website to watch network TV stars laugh at Abigail.

Anyway, I posted a pic of Markie Martin in place of the video. She's the new weekend morning news anchor for Channel 5 and really likes blush. At least I hope that's blush. I hope it's not a rash, because that may drop her a notch or two on our list of 20 Hottest that I may get around to compiling sometime soon.

Yeah, I guess it's about time to do that again, only this time I'm serious. Email us any pics or nominations.

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