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2014 Year in Review: July

2:54 PM EST on December 29, 2014

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" was release in July, and proved that movies with ridiculous titles can be successful too. It's a movie about talking apes that proves once and for all that evolution is an elaborate hoax. After all, how could we be descended from monkeys if they're still around and enslaving us? Take that, Darwin--more like Dar-LOSE.

Sorry for that.


Here are the TLO articles that made a splash in July:


5. Grant Long needs some credit counseling

Published: 6/9/2014

What We Said: Well, I guess we finally found something worse than the James Harden trade. Who would have known it would be Grant Long’s credit rating? Zing!

What We Learned: Never lend Grant Long twenty bucks, no matter how much he says he'll pay you back.

Best Comment:  Probably bought the escalade from the Key and is paying 22% interest. - Pat



4. Breaking News: Street Outlaws is staged

Published: 6/10/2014

What We Said: Thanks to our very popular critique of the first episode, we’re usually hit with a couple of thousand page views each Monday from racing fans searching for answers to questions like:

“Is Street Outlaws real?”

“Where is Street Outlaws made?”

“Will watching Street Outlaws make me gay?”

What We Learned: America still thinks reality shows are real

Best Comment: "They hell you say? Staged? Surely you jest!" - MARYFALLINSSAGGYBOOB



3. Special session of Oklahoma legislature may be called to address Amish strip club crisis

Published: 6/8/2014

What We Said: You know Nolan Clay is loving this assignment. He hasn’t had this much fun on a story since the time he covered Chris Reen’s colonoscopy for The Oklahoman’s employee newsletter, “Deadline.”

What We Learned: The women and Amish strip clubs only take off their socks.

Best Comment: "They can raise my barn anytime." - Cnote



2. Abigail Ogle took on the Facebook Trolls

Published: 6/29/2014

What We Said: Okay, now Abigail’s taking things too far. Are we really supposed to believe that KOCO cares about real issues? Get real.

What We Learned: Abigail Ogle looks like the new lady Thor and when you consider that Asgard is in Oklahoma, it all starts to make sense.

Best Comment: "She kind of needs all that makeup because she’s trying to look a little less like her dad." - Joe


1. Toni Jones is Shawnee's version of Sweet Brown

Published: 6/17/2014

What We Said: The KFOR report had a couple of great catch phrases, including “Dynamite comes in many packages” and “Oh hell no, you ain’t taking my car!” I’m sure Toni’s said both of those things at one point in her life while leaving a bar.

What We Learned: Think twice, crime.

Best Comment: "Shawnee’s version of Dalton from Road House…" - Brett

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