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Kelly Clarkson performed at the Chesapeake Christmas party…

kelly clarkson chesapeake

Things must be getting better at Chesapeake Energy.

Roughly one year after massive employee layoffs – and an effort to get away from the extravagant, wasteful spending of the McClendon era – the company brought in Kelly Clarkson to perform at its employee Christmas party over the weekend. It was the coolest local corporate holiday event since Braum's brought Constantine Maroulis to the Rain Tree Lounge in 2012.

We're not sure how much Chesapeake spent on the total production, but with the current state of oil prices, I bet they're regretting it. With what they paid Clarkson to perform, they could have hired 5 beekeepers, covered a fracking settlement and bought a new collection of historic maps.

I did a Google search for Kelly Clarkson + Oklahoma to see if there was any scoop on the show. Surprisingly, it hit the celebrity blog circuit. The only catch is the bloggers didn't seem to care about where or why Kelly was performing, and if it's wise or necessary for an energy company to spend that much on an employee holiday event during a cheap oil market. They were more excited with the backstage photography:

Via Perez Hilton:


Kelly Clarkson was recently preparing for her show on Saturday in Oklahoma when she shared how she gets ready to perform.

And it involves coffee, her baby girl River Rose, and lots of love!

And it's clear that Kelly is loving her life as a mom and a superstar performer!

Here's what she wrote on Instagram:

"Hangin' backstage with River before my show tonight in Oklahoma!"Aww!

We can't believe how big River Rose has gotten since we've last seen her.

That smile on her face is maybe the most adorable thing we've seen all week!

It's pretty apparent to us how much she loves her mommy and vice versa!

And who could blame either of them?! They're both that adorable!!!

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Quick question. Is Perez Hilton always that awful? I actually don't read his site or really any other blogs, which I guess is kind of weird considering I'm a fledgling blogger, but if his writing is always that bad maybe it's time to buy an extra exclamation point button for the keyboard and take TLO national. It seems easy enough. Also, is the owner of one of the most popular blogs in the world really begging for people to follow him on social media? Does that actually work?

Anyway, I hopped on Instagram and Twitter to search for pics and wobbly video clips with distorted audio of the Kelly Clarkson show. Here are a few examples of what I found:





Yeah, that's kind of boring. Maybe I shouldn't be so eager to take this blog national. I should apply to work at Chesapeake instead.

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