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So, the meteor that exploded over Edmond was a fake…

Back in November, we posted this video of a meteor apparently exploding in the sky over Edmond:

Sometimes when I write things for this site, I open up Notepad and jot down some bullet points that I want to mention. For example, say I'm writing about Al Eschbach. The notes may be:

- Bathing suit gym shorts
- No sports knowledge of anything post 1995
- Thailand Strip Club

For this video, I very specifically remember writing down "Probably Fake," and even began a paragraph with "If this is real..." Unfortunately, during my warped editing / writing process, that paragraph was deleted, the note forgotten, and now I feel kind of stupid and have to write a retraction because it turns out that video was fake.

We know this thanks to the crack investigative reporting team at News 9. They reported that the videos were part of a hoax publicity plan made by some local company called Digital Tutors.

Via News 9:

A video showing a meteor soaring over the metro had more than 185,000 views on YouTube last month.

The YouTube video not only fooled two local television stations, but also grabbed the attention of The Weather Channel and other international media outlets.

The metro company fessed up to the video and told News 9 its intentions were to shine a spotlight on its work.

The company behind the four videos circulating the internet is called 'Digital Tutors.'

It took several weeks of planning and a few early mornings to capture the perfect neighborhood backdrop for the phony meteor shower.

“Four of us got up each morning around 7 a.m. on the same days, it had to be a clear sky and make sure we are all pointing in the right direction,” said Grant Boudon, Director of Marketing and PR for Digital Tutors.

Great stuff, huh. Before I continue, I'd like to share my notes for this post. You know, just in case I forget anything:

• Attempt to save face by mentioning that we weren't the only ones duped.

• Mention that I learned they were fake the week of Thanksgiving, but never wrote about it because it was the week of Thanksgiving.

• Make a weird, unrelated reference to Ranger Roger...

• Address the idiots at "Digital Tutors"

With that out of the way, here we go...

First of all, it's good to know we weren't the only ones duped. As News 9 mentioned, the gag fooled the Weather Channel, the KFOR Social Media Bandit and a whole bunch of other unsuspecting people who forgot to realize that there are losers online who like to spend hours creating videos of fake meteorites exploding over the skies of Edmond, Oklahoma.

I actually figured the video was fake when an Ogle Mole sent me links to the other suspect videos the week of Thanksgiving. They way they were shot and how they all abruptly ended in the same manner raised some red flags. After doing some research and noticing that the Weather Channel removed their article, I figured something was up. I planned on writing about it for Wednesday, but then I woke up and saw Robin on the front cover of the Gazette and got distracted.

Anyway, I guess this is what we get for being a kind, good-natured, gullible obscure local social bloggers. Great job, Digital Tutors. I'm sure you're going to get rich and famous off this publicity stunt. Who doesn't want to do business with a bunch of liars that proudly duped thousands of people?

Also, I should probably warn that for every action there is an equal reaction, so when a bunch of small objects smash in your business windows and take out your computer monitors some night, please remember that it wasn't us trying to get retribution, it was actually a real life meteorite flying through space. They're more common than you think.

I'm just kidding. We would never resort destruction or violence to get even with Digital Tutors. We enjoy playing practical jokes and doing funny gags ourselves. They're always good for a laugh. We also believe that revenge is a dish served cold, so when you least expect it, Digital Tutors, we're coming at you and coming at you hard. We're going to get all Dick Clark, Ed McMahon, Ashton Kutcher and Nathan Fielder on your ass.

Take note.

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