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Mary Fallin shared her thoughts on the unemployed…

mary fallin town hall

If you're reading this in your office or cubicle, you should probably get back to work. Otherwise, our Governor is going to have a little talk with you.

Yesterday, the Oklahoma Democratic Party released a video from a town hall that shows Governor Fallin making some comments about the unemployed. No, she didn't call them terrorists or anything. She just wants them to stop being lazy and get jobs.

Check it out:

Yes, according to Mary Fallin "everybody could work if they want to." I totally agree with that. Additionally, all Asians are bad drivers, Jews are cheap, and African-American highway patrolmen have the largest penises.

Seriously, how can you not agree with Mary's broad, sweeping generalizations about the poor and unemployed? It really is a choice. If you don't have a job and receive any form of government assistance, it's pretty obvious that you're a lazy asshole. It has nothing to do with your education, job skills, intelligence, training, physical or mental health, credit score, access to affordable transportation, family situation, past failures, upbringing, etc. Everybody can work and get a decent paying job if they want to! If you need proof, just look at the Governor's own daughter Christina Fallin. According to the Wikipedia page she more than likely created for herself, Christina is a consultant, musician and artist. She doesn't depend on government handouts to get by. She's a hard worker.

Obviously, I'm being sarcastic here. I just thought it would be cool to get inside the mind of Mary Fallin for second and seriously believe that being poor and unemployed is a conscious choice that people make and has nothing to do with other life events or circumstances. Outside of hearing a constant barrage of merry-go-round music, the whole experience was kind of fun. It's kind of neat to base a big chunk of your political views on stereotypes and negative perceptions about people. You should give it a shot.

Anyway, I guess we should also mention that Mary said she is going to "get these people who don't work to work." Uhm, that's not the Governor's responsibility, right? Doesn't it just expand the role of government?Shouldn't we let the private sector take care of that? What exactly is Mary going to do? Is she personally going to proofread resumes and network and search for jobs on Craigslist, or will she simply hire more servants at the Governor's mansion? I bet she does neither and simply refers to the unemployed as consultants, musicians and artists. It worked for her family, so it should work for everyone else, too.

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