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Powerhouse Oklahoma State University is protective of logos…

pistol pete

Apparently there's only one Pistol Pete and he lives in Stillwater.

Yesterday, the New Mexico AP reported that Oklahoma State is suing New Mexico State University on the grounds that NMSU has stolen OSU's gun slingin', whiskey drinkin', cousin kissin' mascot Pistol Pete. Or something like that.

Via an AP Story that has appeared all over the interwebs:

A powerhouse college is suing New Mexico State University, claiming the Aggies have plagiarized their mascot. The suit claims it is “confusingly similar” to its own and includes an image of Pistol Pete that NMSU has used in the past when it first adopted the mascot in the ’60s.

Oklahoma State University said it had the mascot first and trademarked it, then New Mexico State copied it. The university filed a lawsuit against NMSU in federal court on Monday.

NMSU said it initially paid royalties to OSU when it claimed Pistol Pete as its mascot about 50 years ago. OSU said it has had the mascot since the 1920s.

In the lawsuit, Oklahoma claims NMSU’s mascot image is “likely to cause confusion” and that it asked NMSU to “cease and desist from its infringement, but it has failed and refused to do so.”

NMSU said the suit came as a surprise, and students agree.

“I think it’s petty to be honest,” said Chelsae Keyes.

In a statement, NMSU officials said they are confident the schools will come to an agreement so they can keep using Pistol Pete. NMSU claims the suit is only referring to the older mascot image.

Yep, that's real. The New Mexico AP really labeled Oklahoma State as a "powerhouse college." Uhm, what exactly is Oklahoma State a powerhouse in? Wrestling? Actually, I guess they have a long, storied tradition in that dead homoerotic sport. Golf? Well, they are pretty good at putting things in a hole. Fundraising? It's called Boone Pickens State for a reason. Female students who chew tobacco? Okay, so maybe OSU is a powerhouse at certain things.

Anyway, let's take a look at these two logos to see what the problem is. Here's the old New Mexico State logo:

NMSU logo

And here's the OSU logo...

osu flame

Wait. Sorry. That's the flaming Oklahoma State logo that the school distanced itself from a few years ago because all the homophobic fans thought the flames were gay. Oddly enough, I think they were kind of right.

Here's the cartoony OSU Pistol Pete logo that we all adore:

OSU logo

Yeah, those cowboy logos are virtually identical. Even though New Mexico State now uses a different Pistol Pete logo, I think OSU has a decent case. That's why if I worked for New Mexico State University, I would do three things:

1. Move away as quickly as possible. Hey, I know I don't exactly live in the bastion of civilization here, but come on. New Mexico? That place is so desolate they think Oklahoma State is a powerhouse college.

2. Find a different name for the mascot and get a new logo. They should not only do that because it's the legal thing to do, but because it's sad, too. You guys are really copying Oklahoma State? That's about as pathetic as choosing a band of criminals as your mascot or stealing the Yale fight song.

3. Immediately change the New Mexico State fight song to Cowboys 4Ever. This is just to be passive aggressive and get back at OSU for being litigious assholes. You don't have to worry about Oklahoma State suing you for that monstrosity...

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