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These pics of Mary Fallin with some dude wearing a “Mary Failin'” T-shirt are amazing…

Mary Fallin may need to put an extra t-shirt reader or two on her campaign staff

Just one month after some dude put on a "Legalize Gay Marriage" shirt and snapped a selfie with the Mary Fallin during a campaign spot, OU student Rico Smith won the Oklahoma internet last night when he posed for a few pics with the Governor while wearing a "Mary Failin'" t-shirt.

The pics were snapped following the gubernatorial debate in Stillwater and immediately went viral on Facebook. At first, Mary didn't notice that the shirt mocks her name and campaign logo. She simply thought Rico was one of her three African-American supporters and thanked him for wearing the shirt...

rico smith mary fallin failin

But then a fun-hating aid spoke up and this happened...

mary fallin rico smith funny

Wow, that's fucking amazing. I want to turn that pic into a poster and hang it in my room next to my Hipster Boo Boo Fathead. If it doesn't win some sort of photography award then the world is broken. It captures so much dejection and disappointment that it is slightly uncomfortable to look it. It's so brutal that it almost makes me feel sorry for the Governor. I bet she hasn't felt that awkward since her first husband proposed in the Playboy mansion grotto. She looks like she just realized she sexted the wrong person.

Anyway, I touched base with Rico late last night on Facebook and got some background on the photo. Here's what he said:

I went up to Governor Fallin shortly after the debate ended up on the 4th floor of the OSU Student Union. It was about 8:30pm and she had just finished with her media event. She thanked me for wearing the shirt. My friend was able to get a couple of pictures before one of her aids jumped in front of him and blocked his camera.

They tried to block the camera?

Fallin's aid told her that he didn't think she "wanted to take a picture with a Mary Failing t-shirt." She then looked at my shirt and said, "You're being mean to me!" Her staff started rushing her through the stairway completely bypassing the elevator and she said, "I just assume everyone is going to be nice." A man from her campaign followed my group to the elevator, took our pictures, and said, "We'll be seeing you soon." I laughed and proceeded to get on the elevator!

When we were walking out the Student Union to go to our cars we noticed a black SUV that resembled the Governor's car. It was a Tahoe, very dark windows, all kinds of antennas at the top and run flat looking tires. AS SOON as we stepped out of the building the SUV speed up and went a distance equal to about 200 feet and stopped right behind the corner. We noticed how sketchy this looked and went an alternative route. I'm sure the governor had a hit out on us! lol.

There you have it. Rico apparently risked his life to make the Governor look stupid. Way to go, Rico.

Anyway, you can actually buy the shirt that Rico is wearing here. If you're able to get the Governor to pose for a photo while you wear it, send it to us. We'll give you $5 Ogle Bucks, a TLO ink pen and you'll get to be an Oklahoma internet celebrity. Let the games begin!

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