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Hot Girl Friday: Kate Melton

12:14 PM EDT on September 26, 2014

scoby doo

If you're an American male who was born anytime after the mid-1960s, there's a pretty good chance you had one of those totally awkward, but hopefully kind of normal cartoon crushes on Daphne from Scooby Doo.

Daphne was pretty hot for a cartoon. She wasn't Jessica Rabbit or anything, but I wouldn't kick her out of my mystery crime solving hippie van. She kind of looked like a cartoon version of Dave Morris's hot ex-wife. Considering Daphne was enamored with some douchebag who rolled around wearing a damn ascot, they probably had similar personalities, too.

If you were (or are) a fan of cartoon Daphne, you'd also probably enjoy Oklahoma City native Kate Melton. The actress played Daphne in a few TV movie / direct-to-DVD Scooby Doo releases in the late aughts. Here's a video...

Outside of Daphne, Kate's acting resume is pretty limited. She's played the role of "teen girl / goth" in Inspector Mom, "teen fan" in Friday Night Lights and "Briane" in some low-budget movie called Freaky Faron that was filmed in Tulsa. Fortunately, Kate is still active on Instagram and Twitter, so she get's to add one more credit to her resume – she's our Hot Girl Friday:

kate melton
kate melton 3
kate melton 2
kate melton 1
kate melton 9
kate melton 8
kate melton 7
kate melton 6
kate melton 5
kate melton 4

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