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Mama Bear was fired…

ronda bass

No, that's not the title to the most depressing Berenstain Bears book of all time. That would be "Mama Turns to Heroin." "Mama Bear was fired" is simply an extremely accurate blog headline.

As you've probably heard, Noble Schools Superintendent, self-proclaimed "Mama Bear" and Paul's Beauty College dropout Ronda Bass made the news last week after she bullied, humiliated and insulted her students because they dressed like high school kids.

Not soon after, concerned Noble parents called for her to step down or be fired. They got their wish last night.


An Oklahoma superintendent was fired after a dress code controversy gained national attention.

According to an attorney, in a 4 to 0 vote, Noble school board members decided to terminate Ronda Bass’ employment Monday night.

Last week, the board had voted the superintendent could keep her job if she followed a professional development plan.

The board had called a special meeting last Tuesday to discuss her employment after many angry calls from parents over the way Bass had enforced the dress code at the beginning of the school year.

They say Bass referred to some of the girls as ‘skanks’ and made them bend over to see if their skirts and shorts were too short.

School board officials say her last day will be October 15

First of all, can this lady look anymore like a Ronda? It's like the Larry of female names. It just screams "I Cut My Hair at SuperCuts," which this Ronda makes a justifiable stereotype.

Seriously, that hair is brutal. It looks like something you'd use to mop a floor. Screw treating people with respect and not calling teenage girls "skanks" to their face. That stuff is overrated. If Ronda has learned anything through all this it's to find a hairstylist that doesn't watch old Jon and Kate Plus 8 reruns.

Anyway, it's really hard to feel sorry for old Ronda. For one, what she did was totally uncalled for and she should have been fired. Two, she's going to do one hell of job as a TSA agent. If she hasn't applied yet, she should. She's mean, demanding and not afraid to make innocent people look like fools:

"Bend over and touch your shoes."

"Excuse me?"


"Yes, Ma'am."


"Yes, Mama Bear."

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