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KOCO’s Bree Steffen has a cute Tinder profile…

bree steffan 3

Although it's tempting, I don't like to knock online dating all that much. Yeah, it's kind of dorky and sad, but lets be honest, who hasn't been drunk, depressed and alone on a Friday night and wanted to see what is all about?

Everyone meets online today. I read a stat that 17% of last year's marriages started as online relationships. When you consider most couples who met online are ashamed to admit they met online, that number is remarkably high.

The new popular online dating app for millennials is called Tinder. Out of all the online dating websites out there, it's the safest to use without looking like a total loser. That's because it's superficial and built entirely around judging someone by their looks. You don't have to take a personality test or anything. When you see someone's pic that you like, you swipe right. If they then swipe right on your profile, you're connected and probably having guilt free sex soon after. In a way, it's kind of like the bar scene of online dating websites. It's based entirely off first impressions, personality doesn't matter and most of the people using it are drunk.

Hell, Tinder is so cool that even popular people like KOCO's Bree Steffen are using it. An Ogle Mole stumbled across her profile and sent us some screenshots. Check them all out:

bree steffan 1


bree steffan 2


bree steffan

That sound you just heard was Dean Blevins revving up the motorcycle, turning on the country music, and grabbing a bottle of Jameson. He'll be at the Channel 5 parking lot before you can say "Smart Ones."

Seriously, Bree is cute. She's also a local celebrity. That begs the important question: Why is Bree Steffen on Tinder?! See, that's the problem with online dating. You can't be too attractive, or people are going to wonder what you're doing on there. Are you a real life overly attached girlfriend or something? Why has Emily Sutton not introduced her to any firemen?

I think the best thing about all this is how the Mole who sent the screenshots and Bree Steffen both share a mutual interest... in Joleen Chaney. This may surprise you, but I too am interested in JoJo. I'm sure that will make a great conversation starter on a first date. Over the sounds of waiters asking tables if they'd like more bread sticks at the Olive Garden – sorry, I assume all first internet dates begin at the Olive Garden – I can hear a conversation like this:

"So, what do you think about Joleen Chaney?"

"I love her!"

"Me too."

Actually, who am I kidding? Like people who meet on Tinder actually go on dates to restaurants.

Anyway, if you stumble across the Tinder page of any local celebs, send them our way. If we get enough, maybe we'll organize TLO Celebrity Speed Dating Event. That would be fun.

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