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Chickasha fired their police chief for kind of using the N-word

1:21 PM EDT on August 21, 2014

Eddie Adamson chickasha

The guy pictured above is Eddie Adamson. Whatever you do, don't ask him what he thinks about the Oklahoma City Zoo's new baby gorilla.

Last night, Eddie resigned as the Chickasha police chief after he was caught kind of using the N-word on Facebook.

The Chickasha News has all the details:

Chickasha Police Chief Eddie Adamson resigned last night following an outcry earlier this week over a video he shared on Facebook that was captioned with a racial slur.

Adamson submitted his resignation, effective immediately, to the city late Wednesday, City Manager Stewart Fairburn said. This follows a letter submitted by Chickasha Police Sgt. Jeremy Alexander to the city asking for Adamson to step down over the Facebook issue.

Alexander said he no comment on Adamson's resignation today.

So, what exactly did he post? Was it something controversial and racist about Ferguson, Missouri, or did he simple share Jay-Z and Kanye West's hit song "Can't-write-this-word in Paris?"

The item Adamson is accused of posting contained the caption "How a real n***a order Starbucks," and was accompanied by a video clip of the film 'Role Models' where actor Paul Rudd attempts to order a beverage. Adamson later took the post down and apologized.

Wow, I totally forgot about Role Models. It's actually a funny movie. I also had no clue that Paul Rudd is black. You learn something new every day.

Anyway, this is kind of weird. Why is a police chief posting movie clips on his Facebook page of white people ordering coffee at Starbucks and then using a racial slur as a caption? Isn't there an app for that?

Fortunately, Chickasha News has a screenshot of the post to put it in context:

chickasha facebook

Okay, so he shared a video that was shared by his daughter that was originally shared by an obscure rapper from San Francisco that had the N-word in the caption. He technically didn't even write the word.

Adamson tried to explain the situation:

facebook apology

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I kind of buy this guy's excuse and apology. Does he deserve to get in trouble? Yeah. Should he be fired? Unless there's more to the story, I'm not so sure...

First of all, even racist police chiefs usually aren't dumb enough to use the N-word in public. They know it can ruin their career if they're caught.

Second, let's be honest, parents aren't exactly the most savvy people in the world when it comes to Facebook. For example, my dad gets Facebook invites and actually responds to them. My mom will comment on photos of me that are over three years old and located in the profile of some person I haven't seen or talked to in a couple of years. They just don't know how it works. Even though the word sticks out like a hot chick at the state fair, I guess I can see how he could have missed it.

That being said, excuses, context and intent really don't matter when it comes to N-word. It's toxic, and a white person can't write or say it and expect to keep their job. Well, unless you're Quentin Tarantino. He always gets a pass.

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