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Reed Timmer is dating a Fox News Weather Babe…

reed timmer Maria Molina

It looks like Reed Timmer can finally delete his Tinder profile.

Thanks to the New York Post's infamous Page 6, we've learned that Reed Timmer is dating Fox and Friends weather babe Maria Molina. Yes, Reed Timmer is dating a woman famous enough to be on Page 6. Roll your eyes like a Dominator just passed you in traffic.

Via The New York Post6:

TV weathermen and women — usually considered second bananas on newscasts — were the stars at a premiere of Warner Bros.’ “Into the Storm.”

The film’s about a town ravaged by unpredictable tornadoes, naturally.

Competing network and cable meteorologists including Ginger Zee, Dylan Dreyer, Reynolds Wolf, Raphael Miranda, Amy Freeze and Maria Molina — who attended with her heroically named real-life storm-chaser boyfriend Reed Timmer — strutted the red carpet in seasonally appropriate gear at AMC Lincoln Square with actors from the film.

A party followed at the Wayfarer. The natural-disaster genre’s been dubbed “cli-fi” by science-fiction fans, tech writers and other climate geeks.

First of all, whoever wrote that blurb for the New York Post has obviously never had a banana split in Oklahoma. Weathermen are not second bananas in this state. They're not even the first banana. They're the gorillas eating the bananas. They'll eat whatever banana they want, whenever they want, and then throw it up and eat it again as a bunch of terrified school kids on a field trip scream in terror, and thanks to our fear and genuine fascination of these weather forecasting gorillas, we'll just sit there and watch and watch and watch until they tell us to take cover in the center hall closet or drive south.

Anyway, although this is obviously a passive aggressive attempt to one up Emily Sutton and make her jealous, I'm happy for Reed. If a hot famous girl is going to break your heart and ignore your advances like they are a flash flood watch in Roger Mills county, at least bounce back by dating someone who is even hotter and even more famous than the girl who denied you. The next step will be to convert a fire truck into a Dominator. That will show her. Then again, maybe Emily Sutton is getting a laugh out of this. Dating someone who works for Fox News would be like hooking up with a chick you met on Tinder. She may look normal, act normal and even say normal things, but deep down, you know she's a little bit crazy.

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