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Someone found a cool way to get rid of their Kia…

kia soul oklahoma

Remember back in September when they found those old cars filled with dead people from the 50s and 60s in the bottom of Foss Lake near Clinton? Oh, of course you do because it was one of the creepiest Oklahoma news stories from 2013? Okay, just making sure.

Unless you have soft spot for awful cars, this report about a car being found in Lake Oologah isn't nearly as sad and awful. On Sunday afternoon, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol pulled the 2012 Kia Soul pictured above from the lake where the car's owners probably wanted it to belong.

Well, at least until they got the insurance check.


A vehicle was recovered Sunday afternoon in Lake Oologah, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported.

Divers from Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement Division recovered a 2012 Kia Soul SUV about 4:05 p.m. from about 7 feet of water in the lake, Capt. George Brown said.

Divers were called after witnesses said they saw a vehicle travel off the roadway and into the water earlier Sunday. Witnesses said the driver swam out of the vehicle and was picked up by another driver. No injuries were reported, Brown said.

Troopers think the incident was intentional, and the marine enforcement troopers will try to identify the registered owner of the SUV, Brown said.

That's a strange story. Other than the fact you drive a Kia, why would you intentionally drive your car into a lake? Wait, I think I just answered my own question. 

I guess there is a chance the car was stolen and the thieves were looking to ditch it somewhere. The problem with that theory is that it would require a thief willing to steal a Kia. Why would somebody do that with so many real cars lying around?

It could also have been a legitimate accident, or perhaps the driver was suicidal because he or she drives a Kia. Who knows.

Actually, I'm just messing around. Kia's are not that bad. There's absolutely nothing wrong with owning one if you can't afford a Hyundai. I'm sure your grandparents think it's very fine car. They'll be amazed with the power windows while they're still working.

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