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MSNBC has named their “Rising Stars” in Oklahoma politics…

1:58 PM EDT on July 28, 2014

chuck todd msnbc oklahoma

Last Friday, NBC's Chuck Todd named four "Rising Stars" in Oklahoma politics on his weekday MSNBC talk show "The Daily Rundown." It's part of his "TDR50" initiative, which names four up and coming young politicians from each state.

The list for Oklahoma includes two Democrats and two Republicans. I guess that means Chuck's research interns have a sense of humor. You're more likely to find Bigfoot in Idabel than a rising Oklahoma Democrat.

Here's the clip and a brief breakdown of who was honored:

If you did what I wanted to do and closed the video after seeing you'd have to watch a 30-second commercial, these are the four Oklahoma "rising stars."

scott inman

Scott Inman (D)

Scott's the Democratic Minority Leader of the Oklahoma House. That means he spends his days and nights being totally irrelevant and shit on by Oklahoma Republicans. Seriously, the only job in Oklahoma more depressing than being House Democratic Minority Leader is being Scott Inman's barber:

"What will it be Scott?"

"How about the cut that makes me look like a sexual predator?"

"Sure you don't want to just shave your head?"

"No, I'm in denial and want my head to look like it's wearing a cape."

"I think it looks more like it's wearing a bonnet."

"No, it's a cape."

"Well, okay...."


cutesy virgin supporters

Emily Virgin

Obviously, Emily made this list because of all the positive publicity we've given her and her virgin supporters over the years. Suck on that, Emily Virgin!

According to Chuck Todd, Emily is a leading frontrunner to be Oklahoma House Speaker someday. For that to happen, the State Democrats will need to take back control of the house within the next 8 years or so. Sorry, hold on one second...


Okay, that's better.

Although we'd like for Emily to be named House Speaker, we think the odds of that happening are about as high as one of her friends flashing us at TLO Trivia Night. Basically, she has about a 25% chance.


aj griffin

A.J. Griffin

As a general rule, I don't trust women who go by their initials. Well, unless they go by B.J. It's like they have something to hide.

I think that may be the case with A.J. because there's not a lot about her online. Considering she's an Oklahoma Republican, that's probably not too bad of thing. Kind of like waiters and referees, you only notice these nutjobs when they say or do something dumb.

After a quick Google search, A.J. is kind of a mystery. The most interesting thing I could find is that she...

A) Recently gave a one-star Facebook review to something called the Dominion House...

aj griffin dominion house

B) Would like to appear on Awkward Family Photos in about 15 years...

aj griffin family

Anyone else creeped out by the husband? He looks like he knows a secret. Perhaps it's why she goes by AJ.



David Holt

Yeah, of course David Holt was mentioned on this list. He probably gave himself a wedgie to celebrate.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if David found a way to nominate himself for this honor. Once a week, he probably sent an autographed copy of Big League City to Chuck Todd with the note "Make me a rising star if you want this to stop." Seriously, the only thing that likes David Holt more than David Holt is David Holt's ego. He's like the Renzi Stone of Oklahoma politicians. If there's a list of people out there, he wants to be on it.


Anyway, congrats to all four of these "rising stars" in Oklahoma politics. They'll all make great lobbyists some day.

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