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Hot Girl Friday: Ashley Rogers

ashlynn brooke 6

Remember her? That girl's name was Ashlynn Brooke. We used to write about Ashlynn quite a bit because she was from Choctaw, starred in popular movies and once dated Carlton:

carlton ashlynn brooke

Well, Ashlynn Brooke is long gone. She's been replaced by Ashley Rogers.

As we noted a few years ago, Ashlynn / Ashley had a baby, retired from the movie industry and decided to become a Mommy Blogger. I guess the mommy blogging thing didn't work out too well, because her website no longer exists. Apparently, living on a ranch, home schooling your kids and adding Photoshop filters to food pics must be harder than it looks.

Undeterred, Ashley hasn't given up on her dream of becoming a famous mommy blogger. She was recently married, is having another baby, and now presents cooking videos for her own YouTube Channel titled "Cooking Your Ash Off." When she gets a basset hound we'll know something is up.

So, want to watch Ashley cooks meatballs and pork loins? Insert your own joke here and then watch the following videos after the jump, because Ashley Rogers is our Hot Girl Friday.

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