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Some Canadian made a Lego scene for Oklahoma…

10:30 AM EDT on July 18, 2014

Earlier this week, I stumbled across this weird little thing on the Oklahoma Reddit page. Imagine that. Something weird on Reddit. That's like walking into a Chelino's and finding beans.

I guess some dude from Canada created and photographed Lego scenes for the 50 states. This is what he came up with for Oklahoma:

oklahoma lego

Yep, a cow driving a car with a chimney in the back seat. Hey, at least it's not someone trying to make meth in a port-a-potty. Here's how the artist Jeff Friesen described the work:


Home to famous cattle drives. Tailgate their methane-powered rides at your own peril.

Oh, the cow is powering the car... through flatulence? Obviously this dude doesn't know a lot about Oklahoma, because the cow would probably use pure, clean, abundant natural gas instead. It emits methane, too. Also, the car would have a Chesapeake logo on it.

That being said, with Oklahoma apparently being the second worst state to live in, I was expecting something a little meaner. I wonder what the guy came up for our "Worst State" rivals in Tennessee:

tennesee lego

That's totally better than ours! WTF, we also have music superstars. If Tennessee can get Elvis eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich in a diner, why can't we get Garth Brooks taking back money he donated to a hospital?

Anyway, you check out all the Lego designs here. You can even buy prints if you want.

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