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Hot Girl Friday: Wendy Suares

Wendy Suares 2

The blonde babe pictured above is KOKH Fox 25's Wendy Suares. Well, at least we think it's Wendy Suares. Some guy on Twitter claimed it was Wendy, and it looks like it could be Wendy, so I guess it's Wendy. Of course, it could also be Wendy from Wimgo. If it's not Wendy Suares or Wendy from Wimgo, I blame Fake Joleen Chaney.

Wendy took home the number two spot in our 2013 countdown of the 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media. I bring this up because it's about time for us to release the 2014 rankings. Due to our growth as an apparent statewide media force, I'm considering turning this year's rankings into a statewide competition. Doing that will give us a larger talent pool and give us a chance to possibly write something positive about Lawton or the Panhandle. If you have any suggestions, nominations or pics out there we should know about, send them our way.

In the meantime, let's focus on Wendy. She moved to Oklahoma City a year or two ago after working in markets that are somehow worse than Oklahoma City. She's a cute type of hot and, with all respect, made even hotter by the fact that she seems somewhat attainable by the regular old average guy. Know what I mean. Although they're on the same level, there's no way you could ever go out with Joleen Chaney, but you may have a chance with Wendy... if she was available. Need proof?


See what I mean?

Anyway, here are some more pics of Wendy. She's our Hot Girl Friday.

Wendy Suares 1
wendy suares 8
wendy suares 7
wendy suares2
wendy suares 3
wendy suares 4
wendy suares 5
wendy suares 6

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