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Mary Fallin didn’t name her dog Trooper…

christina fallin dog

He'll always be a little Trooper in our hearts.

Mary Fallin has finally named her cute little puppy. She didn't go with Trooper, Tubby, Frack, Coffee, or Grotto like we suggested. She went with something much worse and, oddly enough, insulting to all Oklahomans.

From an AP story via The Oklahoman:

With the public’s help, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and her husband have settled on “Okie” as the name for their new white Labrador retriever puppy.

Fallin announced the puppy’s name on her Facebook page Monday after receiving more than 1,000 suggestions. Among the ideas offered on her page were names like Freedom, Reagan, Sooner and Cowboy. Several people suggested names connected to the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, like Lightning or Rumble.

Some users also used the forum as an opportunity to take shots at the governor, suggesting names like One-Term or criticizing her for various policy decisions. Fallin is up for re-election in November.

Fallin and her husband, Wade Christensen, already have a young Labrador mix named Burney, a rescue dog found abandoned after a grassfire two years ago.

Yep, she went with Okie – a derogatory name given to the poor Oklahomans who fled the state for California during the Dust Bowl and / or a company you call before putting up a fence. Daniel Snyder applauds the choice. What's next? Our state's university choosing a bunch of land thieves to be their mascot?

Seriously, if you need more proof that Mary Fallin may be the dumbest Governor in the US, there you have it. She could have at least been a little creative and named the pup George or Lennie instead. Maybe she'll adopt a cat and name it Redneck or Trailer Trash.

And yeah, I'm aware that some people wear "Okie" like a badge of honor, and consider it a term of endearment and not a negative stereotype portraying a poor simpleton with dirt on his jeans and straw in his mouth, but then again, those people are either idiots or Merle Haggard.

Also, let's not forget about poor little Okie. He's the real victim here. As if listening to Hipster Boo Boo sing and play the keyboard all day isn't bad enough, he now has to deal with a mean name. I say we continue to call him Trooper out of protest. Here's hoping he gets all passive aggressive and shits all over the Governor's Mansion. By doing that, he'll fit right in.

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