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Chris Landsberger is a national hero…

Chris Landsberger

The guy pictured above is Chris Landsberger. When he's not preparing for a Star Trek convention like in the pic above, he's actually a photographer for The Oklahoman.

Chris specializes in taking photos of bikini models, girls in lingerie and sports. He also likes to photograph soul food.

I made a couple of tiny digs at Chris in Tuesday's write-up about the Oklahoman's Baby Boomer sex issue. The jokes were about as harmless as a fly on a table in the Braum's dining room:

The entire sex issue wasn’t all that bad. The one saving grace is The Oklahoman sent pervert photographer Chris Landsberger to photograph a model who is young enough to be a Baby Boomer’s granddaughter in some lingerie. It accompanied a quiz to determine, no lie, "What’s your lingerie personality?"...

Can’t this paper do anything fun and interesting? I hope one of the options for the quiz was sad and boring, because that’s may be the most depressing lingerie pictorial I’ve ever seen. Could the model be any more bored? Did Chris Landsberger play Coldplay’s Greatest Hits on the set, or did he force her to listen to six baby boomers discuss sex while drinking beer from a boot. It has to be one of the two.

Tame, huh? Just ask Hipster Boo Boo, Wayne Coyne or Dave Morris' hot ex-wife, it could have been a lot worse.

Well, not according to Chris' helicopter wife Nikki Landsberger. She posted our link to her public Facebook wall and began a fun game of "Watch These People Totally Overreact To Something Ridiculous On Facebook."

Check it out:


Yeah, she totally caught me. I guess I should apologize to Chris and his very protective wife for our vicious attack. There are some boundaries you shouldn't cross, and accusing a swimsuit photographer of playing Coldplay during a photo shoot is one of them. I sincerely apologize to Chris for the damage I have done and grief I have caused.

Actually, give me a fucking break. Has she never read this website before? If that was an attack, I should leave TLO and get a job on the Digital Desk immediately. That post was about as vicious as an Emily Sutton selfie.

To make this even better, check out some of Chris's friends that ran to his defense:


So anyone who knows Chris is a mute?


You ignored us the first time? I'm devastated.


I'm glad you clarified that your opinion was your opinion.


Legal genius Brian Scarbrough thinks they have a case for slander. He must be unaware of the legal loophole that can get you out of any slander lawsuit. It's called "the truth."


Please, go overwhelm our site with dozens of comments...King.


She??? Yeah, Patrick is such a uni-sex name. My writing style screams Mommy Blogger, yall. Bless Kelly's little heart.


You know what, fuck you. I should be the one filing frivolous slander lawsuits. I would never knowingly hire a beat writer, much less a beat writer from "Stang." That would be like hiring a swimsuit model from Walmart.




Okay, so you almost friended and then unfriended us? Tell me, why did you not go through with that brazen act of civil disobedience? Did you not have the courage, or are you simply not that big of a Chris Landsberger fan. We need the truth.


fb 10

I agree 100%. I do need a hobby. I'm thinking about either becoming a photographer or starting a Madden dynasty instead.


Unusually personal? Did I miss something? Did I make fun of the insanely protective and loyal wife that Chris has to get permission from to play in the snow? The easiest way not to make The Lost Ogle is don't do anything deserving of making the Lost Ogle, like photographing a sad lingerie model for a Baby Boomer sex issue.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.23.21 AM

Sorry, I can't help it.


Anyway, I guess I should apologize to Chris for being so mean and evil. In all honesty, he's an American hero. If his wife ever lets him out of the house, maybe I can buy him a couple of beers and he can show me behind the scenes photos from the Look at OKC swimsuit issue. We'll then laugh and become buds. Maybe we can even meet up somewhere in The 'Stang. That will be fun.

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