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TLO Endorsement: US Senate

7:00 AM EDT on June 24, 2014

lankford shannon

Today, Oklahoma Republican voters will go the polls to decide whether James Lankford or T.W. Shannon will be our state's next US Senator.

As we noted last week, the candidates' views couldn't be more similar. They're basically Republican Right Wing Talking Point Puppets. You just pull the string on their back and they rattle off some cliché statement about repealing Obamacare, reigning in spending and building a wall in front of Mexico. If you're a Republican, picking between the two is about as tough as choosing a porn website, only this senate race has more obnoxious ads.

According to polls and newspaper endorsements, James Lankford is considered the slight favorite. If you want to vote for the winner, vote for him. If you want to vote for the underdog who is probably going to run for Governor someday, vote for T.W. Shannon. But if you want to vote for the right guy, cast your vote this direction:

randy brogdon glen beck

For some reason, we all forgot that Randy Brogdon is in this thing. That's a shame, because if we're going to have a crazy right wing Republican represent our state in the senate, why can't we go all out and choose the craziest one? Seriously, Brogdon has gone on record saying he wants to impeach Obama and when you search his name, "Randy Brogdon militia" is the first thing that pops up on Google autocomplete. If anything, having Randy Brogdon in the Senate will be good for material.

Do the right thing, Republicans. Oklahoma is the reddest of the red states. Prove it today by electing a true batshit crazy for the US Senate, not some establishment candidate like Lankford or Shannon who will just basically do whatever their party and wealthy backers want them to do. The choice is simple. Vote Randy Brogdon today.

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