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Hot Girl Friday: Brooklynne Young

Brooklynne Young 13

Miss America is the type of girl you'd like to take home to meet mom. Miss USA is the type of girl you'd like to take home from a bar. Well, at least that's my chauvinistic way of looking at it.

I bring that up because while we were crowning a very determined Miss Oklahoma last weekend, Miss "Oklahoma" USA Brooklynne Young was competing in Donald Trump's Miss USA Pageant in Baton Rouge. Although she didn't win, Brooklynne made the top 20. I guess that's pretty good. She dominated the swimwear and evening gown competition. Her talent was spray tanning.

Anyway, I put "Oklahoma" in quotes above because Brooklynne was born and raised in Texas, and moved to Oklahoma only a couple of years ago to make OU a more beautiful place. I strongly believe you should have to live and suffer in Oklahoma or five years before being able to represent our state in pageants. Of course, to make "Hot Girl Friday" you just need to be able to spell Oklahoma. It's a ridiculous double standard.

In case you care, here's Brooklynne's bio. She's totally better than you:

Brooklynne is a sophomore at The University of Oklahoma, where she is pursuing a major in Public Relations with a minor in Business. She is the youngest of seven children and caught the "pageant bug" by watching her older sisters compete. Brooklynne hopes to pursue a career in the fashion industry because she has had a lifelong love for fashion design. In fact, her oldest sister is an evening gown designer and Brooklynne was able to personally help design her own competition evening gown. Brooklynne currently works as a professional model, and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, playing tennis, horseback riding, reading, and skiing. In addition, she is actively involved in the Cavett Kids Foundation and volunteering at her church in the children's ministry.

She likes to play tennis, horseback ride, read, and ski? What a tough life. I bet she likes sailing, too. The bio doesn't mention it, but Brooklynne is only 19. That means you should not only feel creepy about reading all this, but you'll also never have to worry about meeting her in bar.

Anyway, here are more pics of Brooklynne we found on the Internet. Happy Hot Girl Friday:

Brooklynne Young 10
Brooklynne Young 3
Brooklynne Young 4
Brooklynne Young 6
Brooklynne Young 7
Brooklynne Young 8
Brooklynne Young 5
Brooklynne Young 1
Brooklynne Young 12
Brooklynne Young 3
Brooklynne Young 2
Brooklynne Young 9

Know of any Oklahoma hot girls we should know about for Hot Girl Friday? Send us an email.

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