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Cathy Cummings’ campaign video for Lt. Governor tries a little too hard…

12:29 PM EDT on June 5, 2014

cathy cummings

One of my favorite restaurants in Oklahoma City is Vito's on North May. Based on the food quality, price and service, you're not going to find a better Italian restaurant in town. Unless, of course, you're my dad and like the salad dressing at the Olive Garden and force your family to take you there on your birthday.

The owner of Vito's is Cathy Cummings. She's the sweetest, nicest, bubbliest person you'll ever meet and the lone Democrat seeking the Lt. Governor's office. In effort to make Cathy look more relatable to "mom and pop Oklahoma," she recently released the following YouTube video. It's kind of like "A Little Bit of JoJo" plus Nancy's Lighthouse divided by the Credit Jewelers cowboy, only not nearly as entertaining as that sounds.

Here's a little idea: Instead of auditioning for Predator 8 in a campaign ad, why doesn't Cathy just show three minutes of Vito's eggplant parmesan, shrimp spiedini, and that damn garlic butter sauce that I'd like to bathe in? We're Oklahomans. We're fat. Draw us in with food, then tell us that you have ties to Omar Bradley, whoever the fuck that is, a passion for our right to bear arms, and know a homeless man going through puberty who will sing a song if you give him old bread.

Also, why does Cathy even want to run for Lt. Governor? Sometimes I forget we even have a Lt. Governor. What does a Lt. Governor even do? Just sit around waiting for the governor to die? Does she have an infatuation with ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings? Anyway, the odds of a governor dying in office are like what? 3:1? Stick to serving rich and delicious Italian food. Don't go to the dark side.

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