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Get ready for more… Schlotzsky’s?

10:15 AM EDT on May 29, 2014


Whenever I ask total strangers on the street their number one complaint about Oklahoma City, the most common response I get is "You know what, we could really use a few more Schlotzsky’s."

Well, consider that problem soon-to-be solved:

Schlotzsky’s®, home of The Original® round toasted sandwich and famous Fresh-from-Scratch® buns, recently announced company plans to expand throughout Oklahoma, including Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

With a solid 14 existing locations in the state, Schlotzsky’s has already cultivated a loyal fan base and generated strong traction. The company is aiming to replicate the same success with additional locations throughout the state. Company plans call for 10 signed franchise deals in Tulsa and another 15 signed deals in Oklahoma City by the end of 2014 to add to a roster of over 350 locations worldwide.

Other than spellcheck wanting me to change the name to Schottky's, I don't really have a problem with Schlotzsky's. You could put paste and Subway meat on top of that sourdough bread and I'd still probably eat it. Of course, I think they do put paste and Subway meat on their sandwiches (sometimes they even throw on tomato sauce and call it a pizza), so maybe that's why I never eat there.

Instead of another Schlotzsky's, Subway, Jersey Mike's, Jimmy John's, Panera Bread, etc, what this town really needs is a new local sandwich chain to replace City Bites. I stopped by the location on 56th and North May a few weeks ago and it was depressing. My sandwich was sub-par, the place smelled funny, and there was a group of kids in the corner wearing No Fear shirts and playing with pogs. Seriously City Bites, how about a little brand refresh and remodel? Your stores aged about as well as Bryan Abrams.

If we can't get a new local sandwich chain (I nominate Someplace Else for expansion), I think our Chamber of Commerce should go out and recruit Snarf's. I discovered them last month when I took my totally legitimate and tax-deductible for IRS purposes research trip to Denver. Just like City Bites, Snarf's logo and decor comes from the 1990s, but that's where the similarities end. Everything about Snarf's sandwich from the quality of the meats to the bread and toppings to the way they layered and arranged everything was perfect. Not to oversell it – mind you, I was partaking in Denver culture – but eating their was like dying and going to Hoagie Heaven, which ironically enough is also the name of Bryan Abrams new solo album and Dave Cathey's Magic: The Gathering Club.

Anyway, for the rest of the year I'm going to occasionally share notes and tidbits from my totally legitimate and tax-deductible for IRS purposes research trip to Denver. I'll then catalog all them and publish it in an e-book. Once again, I'm pretty damn serious about writing off that trip. Next on the agenda? Documenting what it's like to buy marijuana in a retail store.

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