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According to this internal email, Tate Publishing is trying to rig Google autocomplete…

If you're bored, open up Google and search Tate Publishing. You'll likely see something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.04.24 PM

In all honesty, those autocomplete results really aren't that bad, especially when you consider:

A) Tate Publishing is essentially a greedy vanity press that publishes the work of naive, talentless writers for something like a $4,000 down payment, and

B) The company is run by the Tate family, that batch of conservative evangelical Mustang numbskulls who prayed with, belittled, fired and then threatened to sue 25 employees in a staff meeting for "spreading rumors" about the company outsourcing jobs to the Philippines when the company was, and is, in fact outsourcing jobs to the Philippines.

That being said, check out what happens when you add an additional letter:

google tate publishing 2

Uh oh, when you add an "S" all of a sudden words like "scam" and "scandal" appear on Google. Once again, considering the company smells like a scam and is led by snake dick Ryan Tate, those results aren't that bad. However, if Tate Publishing gets their way, all that may change.

Check out this internal Tate Publishing email we have acquired through the Ogle Mole Network. In it, founder and chairman Richard Tate asks employees to stop googling the company's name in an effort to eliminate negative autocomplete results. 

Here it is:

May 15, 2014


We are working with a one of the top public relations companies in America out of Philadelphia and The Mentzer Companies to adjust the indexing that Google uses for their search engine.

By that we mean they are working on a daily basis to change the way the Google drop down menu for a search appears by eliminating the searchers automatic guide to the phrases that are negative toward Tate Publishing and are completely incorrect about our company.

Until further notice, refrain from ANY searches that are related to Tate Publishing. Every search you enter keeps negative elements on the Google index as a "wanted" site. This process, according to the staff in Philadelphia, should see complete results within 60-90 days.

If you have questions, please discuss this process with your immediate departmental supervisor.


Richard Tate, PhDFounder and Chairman of the BoardTATE PUBLISHING & ENTERPRISES, LLC127 East Trade Center Terrace | Mustang, Oklahoma 73064

Let me translate that for you in a way that cuts out the B.S. and is easier to understand:


As you know, our company suffers from a negative online reputation due to way we exploit aspiring writers who are desperate for publication and the way we treat employees.

Instead of addressing these issues by changing our business practices and/or treating employees with respect and integrity, we are hiring an overpriced PR firm out of Philadelphia - probably Gregory FCA – to scrub clean our Google Autocomplete history.

In the meantime, please refrain from performing any internet searches for Tate Publishing. If you do so, you may stumble across help wanted ads we've place on Philippines job boards. If so, ignore them. Everything is fine and your job is safe.


Richard Tate, "PhD"

What an asshole. Instead of addressing the problems that created their bad reputation, they simply hired some out-of-state PR firm to try to fix it. Not only is that unethical, but it's also anti-Oklahoma. With all the fine work that Renzi and his gang at Saxum has done for Hobby Lobby to get proselytizing bible curriculum snuck into Mustang public schools, you think Tate would have gone with them. Tate's headquarters are in Mustang, too.

Anyway, the one problem with Tate's plan is that they can't prevent people who read blogs from searching for "phrases that are negative" about their company, phrases like "Tate Publishing Scam?" or "Tate Publishing Scandal" or "Tate Publishing Anal Bead Sale." Seriously, it would be a shame for Tate if you were to open up Google right now, search those phrases, and then click on whatever results were to come up. In fact, it would be such a shame that I would never encourage you to do it... unless you're bored.

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