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Taco Bell is test marketing a new barfy menu item in OKC…


Oklahoma City is the test market for some processed cheese-infested monstrosity called the the Breakfast Quesarito. It's the little brother of the regular Quesarito, which has been test marketed in OKC since January. According to sources, it's the type of item you order only when you've smoked pot and been day drinking and want to have nightmares.

From Time:

A couple months after rolling out its first ever breakfast menu, Taco Bell is testing a brand new addition to its morning offerings.

The Breakfast Quesarito is an egg-and-cheese breakfast burrito wrapped inside a grilled cheese quesadilla, instead of a regular tortilla. Customers can add sausage or bacon for $1.99 and steak for $2.79.

The Breakfast Quesarito is currently only available at Taco Bell restaurants in Oklahoma City.

If you can stomach it, take a look at a non-photoshopped pic of the real thing via Grub Grade:

Taco Bell Quesarito

Don't worry. That little maggot in the center that's trying to crawl back into its waste cocoon is actually a piece of processed egg solution. Generally speaking, the food should be safe for consumption.

This new product leads to a couple of questions:

1. Do people have to eat these things at a hotel and be observed like they do for a medical study?

2. Why doesn't the OKC Chamber promote cool stuff like this?

Seriously, we are the "Fast Food Capital of the World" for a reason. Not only do we have more fast food places per capita than just about any city, but we now test market hideous foods for Fortune 500 companies. That's pretty cool and good for businesses, right? The Chamber should be pumped about that. It's not like fast foods places are causing earthquakes or anything.

But for some reason, the Chamber pulls a Honey Badger and doesn't care. They ignore all the good things fast food does for our economy and instead promotes the silly 1,000,000-pound "This City's Going On A Diet" thing instead. Have you ever met anyone who either has used (or still uses) that site? If you were looking to relocate, would you chose the place where people get to test new colon busting foods or have to log pedometer readings into a computer? You know what, forget I asked that.

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