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Hey, one OCCC student did possibly protest Mary Fallin!

mary fallin occc

Yesterday, I complained that a group of OCCC students backed out of their pledge to protest Mary Fallin's commencement speech at the school's graduation on Friday. I then segued into a hurried rant about how The Oklahoman doesn't like student protests or something.

Here's a snippet:

I guess this is what I get for trusting the word a community college student.

According to several Moles, the commencement ceremony went off without any hitch or any protest. In fact, the school even honored Governor Fallin by giving her a state trooper blow up doll purchased from Patricia’s. The governor got so flustered she gave it a raise on the spot. I heard everyone got a good laugh out of it.

Well, it looks like I screwed up (again) on a couple different levels.

1. The Ogle Mole who told me about the blow doll was apparently joking around. It was actually Lealon Taylor's highway patrolman blowup doll. He was trying to loan it to Rick Allen Lippert, and Rick wanted him to wait until after the ceremony, but Joe Dorman needed it later to practice being governor or something. I don't know. OCCC is a strange place.

2. One student did protest the commencement speech! At least we think she was a student... and protesting. This is because it may have been Christina Fallin in disguise. Here's the pic:

occ student protest

WTF, Christina! That guy is not in a band and is obviously not interested in you or your Chanel tassel. Leave him alone! Also, it's pretty low that you had to use your mom's connections to get to experience what it's like to graduate from community college. Hell, I bet you just did so you could get a graduation gift. That's kind of shady. Those students had to pass both remedial and basic math and deal with the constant smell of chlorine just to get their degree. You didn't have to put in any of that hard work or find a spot in Parking Lot D.

Anyway, I guess there is a chance that's not Hipster Boo Boo in the photo. It could be discriminated white girl from Ada. Maybe she was getting an Associates in blogging or naivety to institutional racism.

It could also be some OCCC student we've never heard of. If that's the case, kudos to her for following through with the plans. Of course, we don't know if she's protesting Fallin's speech or simply asking Scumbag Steve's cousin to quit kicking her chair. Perhaps she was offended by Lealon's blow up doll. I guess we'll never know.

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